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Pakistan : Helping Flood Victims

Pakistan has been pummeled by its worst monsoon floods in 102 years. And the rains continue in Northwestern Pakistan, adding to the existing problems. More than 20 million Pakistanis have been affected by the flooding that began three weeks ago, and 7 million have lost their homes. Tens of thousands of villages are under water, roads and bridges have been washed away and diseases are spreading throughout the flood area. According to news reports, many of the flood victims have not yet received any sort of relief.

VOM’s team in Pakistan was one of the first to respond to the crisis. On Aug. 4, the group met and decided to suspend all planned Action Pack distributions and focus instead on helping Christians in the flooded areas. The VOM team traveled to the region and passed out Action Packs and Bibles to affected believers. The green backpacks they distributed were Action Packs sponsored by VOM readers in the U.S., packed in China and shipped to Pakistan.

At each distribution, the team told the community, “We came here to share your pain, and we are praying for you.” Those who received the Action Packs were grateful that someone had come to their aid. One man told the team he was thankful to God, because even though his family lost everything, the Lord saved their lives.

The Action Pack distributions have also been a way to show God’s love to nonbelievers. In one community, several Muslims asked for Action Packs. The team told them the backpacks contained Bibles, but the Muslims still wanted them. They said, “This is the Christians’ Quran; we will read this.” Another Muslim young man received his Bible and backpack and said, “You Christians are better than Muslims. You came all the way from Faisalabad to help us.”

So far the team has targeted south Punjab province and Sindh province. They plan to take supplies to an area in upper Punjab as soon as another container of Action Packs arrives. Please pray for the team as they prepare to travel to the flooded areas again, and pray that they can be a blessing to those who are suffering. Lift up all those who are affected by the flooding, and pray that the heavy rains will soon stop.

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