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Pakistan: Extremists Beat Christian

On Jan. 26, evangelist Azir was kicked and punched in the face by Muslim extremists after transporting Christians and evangelizing tools on his Scripture-covered rickshaw.

The Voice of the Martyrs contacts report Azir was assaulted while returning from a Bible and Christian literature distribution in Punjab, Pakistan. Azir helped transport believers home in his auto rickshaw, given to him by VOM in March 2008. He uses the rickshaw, which has Scripture verses written on it, as an evangelistic tool.

At the distribution, VOM provided Action Packs, the Gospel storybook, He Lived Among Us (HLAU), Bibles and sets of leadership materials to Azir and other church leaders to give to local believers. “After the distribution and a blessed time with the people, the team returned to his village. Azir helped believers to get to their home. They were holding their Bibles, leadership materials, HLAU and Action Packs. This drew the anger of local Muslims who saw them,” VOM contacts said.

Muslim extremists started screaming at Azir and verbally abusing him. “Then they beat him. They kicked and punched his face. His tooth was broken and he had a small injury on his lips. They snatched his rickshaw, thank God he was not seriously hurt,” VOM contacts added.

Following the intervention of a village leader, Azir’s rickshaw was returned. VOM encourages you to pray for evangelist Azir and other believers in Pakistan. Praise God for their faithfulness and courage in the midst of persecution. Ask God to continue strengthening them and for blessings on Azir’s rickshaw business.

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