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Pakistan Christians mourn the loss of poet and human rights advocate Mehboob Sada (Please use this corrected version)

One of Pakistan’s most beloved Christian leaders, Mr. Mehboob Francis Sada, passed away in Rawalpindi on Friday, January 14, 2011, at 1:05 am.

Mehboob Sada

For all those who knew and loved him, the news is a great blow to the Pakistan Christian community.

Mr. Sada, the son of Mr. K. Francis, was born on January 18, 1947, in Lahore, the capital of the Pakistan province of Punjab and, after Karachi, the second largest city in Pakistan.

He completed his early education at St. Patrick’s School, Rawalpindi, and completed his education at Gordon College, also in Rawalpindi, with Masters in Education, Sociology and Urdu literature.

Mr. Mehboob Francis soon began writing poems and articles and become known as Mehboob Sada [Sada was his pen name].

He married Philomina William in 1971 and they were blessed with four daughters and one son.

In 1986, Mr. Sada joined the highly-respected Christian Study Center in Rawalpindi and was promoted to its Director in 2001. He worked hard on interfaith dialogue, human rights and promoting democratic values in Pakistan. Under his leadership the Christian Study Center became a hub of opportunities for different communities.

His services for the promotion and protection of the minorities and human rights were recognized not only by the Christian community, but Muslims, Hindus and Sikh’s admired him for his courage and devotion. He worked on Muslim-Christian understanding and relationships through training, seminars and programs and also edited a bi-annual theological journal.

After a few months of his recent deteriorating health, he was moved to intensive care in a local hospital, where he passed away.

Former Bishop Anthony Lobo and Father John William led the immediate funeral service at the Catholic Church, Rawalpindi and Mr. Mehboob Sada was then laid to rest at the Rawalpindi Christian graveyard.

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