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Pakistan: Christian Teaches Women

Fazeelat Bibi’s face lights up when she talks about sharing the gospel with women and teaching them to read it on their own.

Fazeelat, now 46, has been teaching other women, in her village in Pakistan, since 2002. God has given her a heart to spiritually uplift her Christian community, many of whom are poor and uneducated. With help from VOM’s Pastor Support Program (PSP), Fazeelat has ministered to women and taught many of them to read the Bible. The VOM program supports thousands of pastors, church leaders, evangelists and lay-workers who spread the gospel in restricted nations.

“Before [my] marriage, when I was living with my parental family at a Muslim majority village, … I started preaching [the] gospel and adult education teachings when I was 20 years old,” Fazeelat said. “I feel sad when I see Christian[s] cannot read the Bible and Christian literature. That’s why I started teaching a women’s group for adult education.”

Fazeelat works with some of her friends to lead 30 women in a prayer group. “About 90 percent of women are uneducated,” she said. “All belong to financially poor families, and most of them face hardships and difficulties in their families. [During the prayer meetings] we discuss the family problems and pray for the sisters who are facing [challenges].”

“Since [the] last six years, I have been receiving PSP support,” Fazeelat said. “I use my PSP for my children’s study, women’s prayer group, adult education, traveling for visiting Christian families and healing ministry. I am thankful to Lord that he is providing opportunities that I can participate in his kingdom.”

Fazeelat is an example of the thousands of faithful believers around the world who continue serving Christ and sharing the gospel in hostile nations. Pray that Fazeelat will courageously continue living for Christ and ministering to others in her village.

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