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Pakistan: Christian Homes Burned

On June 26, more than 150 Muslim extremists launched a devastating attack on more than 150 Christian families after a fight about a personal matter between Muslims and Christians occurred three days earlier.

During the attack Muslims damaged 60 houses, including burning 16 to the ground, poured kerosene on a believer in an attempt to burn her, destroyed two donkey carts and broke 25 electricity meters, in Kasur, Pakistan, according to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts.

“They disgraced many Christian women, “VOM contacts said. “They tried to burn one of the ladies by throwing kerosene oil on her. Thanks God she was able to escape from them. One of the young girls was having bath, she escaped without her cloths when they attacked.”

The Voice of the Martyrs supports persecuted believers in Pakistan by distributing Action Packs, Bibles, and the books Triumphant Church and He Lived Among Us. VOM encourages you to pray for these families that have lost their homes and had their property damaged. Ask God to encourage and protect them during this difficult time.

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