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PAKISTAN : Chaos as Muslim radicals terrorize local Christians

Following the marriage of a Christian youth to a Muslim girl on Friday, May 21, 2010, the family of the Christian young man has been threatened with “dire consequences.”

They have also been implicated in a Police case here at the district of Kasur near the provincial metropolis of Punjab from where I am reporting.

This sad episode was revealed to ANS on Thursday, July 1, 2010, by a local pastor, Rev. Vincent Masih, and the All Pakistan Minorities’ Alliance (APMA) district coordinator, Ashraf-ul-Fauns.

Mukhtaran Begum, mother of Christian youth, apprized me on behalf of ANS that her son, Moon Masih (20) is also the son of a school teacher Amanat Masih (late), and was from the village of Purana Pind Rao Khanwal, which sits midway between Kastoor City and Raiwind City, a hotbed of Islamic radicals.

He had married the Muslim girl, identified as Fatima Zohra, daughter of father Dildar (52) and mother Parveen Bibi (50), who was a resident of Rao Khanwala bus stop locality.

We were informed that both the Christian and Muslim youths willingly married on condition that they would be free to follow their respective faiths. This was according to local sources including the mother of Moon Masih, Ashraf-ul-Fauns and Pastor Vincent Masih.

The interfaith wedding news spread like jungle fire and as it reached to the father of Muslim girl Fatima Zohra, said APMA’s Kasur district coordinator Ashraf-ul-Fauns adding, her father submitted an application at local Police Station Raja Jhang against the whole Christian family including the feeble and hapless mother Mukhtaran Begum, her eldest son identified as Javed Masih, her daughter identified as Guriah, and her youngest son Moon Masih for allegedly kidnapping and keeping her daughter in unlawful detention at an undisclosed place.

Credible sources told ANS that a Police case was lodged on May 23rd against the Christian family, who they leveled allegations of abduction, illegally barring Zohra from seeing her parents and detaining her at an unknown place against her will.

The Christian family members, were still at large by the press time of this news, said the Rev Vincent Masih, who went on to say that the homes of the relatives of Moon Masih were raided and ransacked. Sources allegede that the Christian relatives were dreadfully harassed by the police contingent.

After the registration of a Police Case against the Christian Family, Muslim hardliner clerics then started to assemble and threaten this family and other Christians residents of Kasur saying they would set their infrastructure, including Christian residential areas and educational institutes on fire and gut them to ashes.

Muslim radical clerics also allegedly hurled threats to kill the whole family of Moon Masih and avowed to desecrate local churches, crosses inside them and the Holy Bible.

Our sources said that local Christian were so much terrorized by the biased Muslim clerics and police that more than 90% of the Christians have locked their homes and temporarily shifted to their relatives at other cities. They also alleged that Raja Jhang Police have arrested some of the Moon Masih’s relatives and “tortured them ruthlessly” in the torture chambers of Raja Jhang Police Station.

ANS, along with a delegation of local Christian dignitaries, have met with the District Co-Ordination Officer (DCO) of Kasur and tabled an application pleading him to beef up the security of the Christian infrastructure including Christian residential areas, churches and schools.

On the other hand a delegation of Muslim fundamentalist clerics also met the DCO for Kasur and allegedly intimidated him saying that they would take stringent action against Christians to teach them an exemplary lesson.

Sources told ANS that this enraged the DCO and he warned the Muslim fanatic clerics to avert from giving the situation a religious tint and ordered them to desist from taking any destructive steps.

Jawad Mazhar, Assist News

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