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Optical fibre network extended to the East Region

The highly effective cable, Optical fibre that boosts and improves communication has been extended to the East Region. The installation of optic fibre which is said to have the possibility of carrying thousands of signals simultaneously was launched by Governor Adophe Lele Lafrique.

The Director General of the Cameroon Telecommunications Corporation, CAMTEL David Nkotto Emane told the population that the optic fibres will boost economic activities and lead to the technological advancement in the region.

ELECAM consults political party leaders

The president of ELECAM Fonkam Azu says ELECAM is democratic and will use innovative measures to ensure that every prospective voter is registered for the up coming presidential election.

Fonkam Azu was speaking in Yaounde as he and his collaborators received the President of MP party, Jean Jacque Ekindi to discuss the organisation of the up-coming presidential election. ELECAM began the process three months ago to dialogue with all political parties.

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