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Operation Compassion Sends Relief to Texas Tornado Victims

Following a series of deadly tornadoes and the aftermath of destruction, Operation Compassion, an independent benevolent organization with roots in the Church of God, is sending relief items to help support the victims. A semi-trailer loaded with food, water, disaster buckets and blankets is on its way to the Granbury, Texas area which was hit the hardest.

One of Operation Compassion’s disaster relief partners, God’s Pit Crew (GPC) will be driving the semi-trailer and after making the journey from Cleveland, Tennessee to Granbury, will be staying in the area to pick up two additional semi-trucks of water donated from Feed the Children, another disaster relief partner of Operation Compassion.

Operation Compassion has established two disaster relief sites in Granbury. Pastor Raymond Plaster has opened the Granbury Church of God and Greg Holly has made the Generations Church available to distribute the relief goods. Operation Compassion has contacted its disaster relief partners and they are helping with the much needed response.

Anyone interested in helping financially with the Granbury, Texas disaster relief, may donate through one of three ways noted below.

Online Donations:

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