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Olympics Mega Mosque Threat is First Test for Cameron’s Speech Against Extremist Islam

Europe’s biggest mosque with room for 12,000 Muslims could be built next to the Olympics site in east London if a radical Islamic sect wins an upcoming planning appeal.

According to a news release from the Christian Peoples Alliance party (CPA), leaders of the controversial Islamic group Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) will have their plans considered at a public inquiry that starts on Tuesday.

TJ followers have been linked to a number of planned and actual terrorist atrocities,

Christian Democrats point to intelligence assessments by US and French security agencies that TJ mosques foster separatism and extremism.

CPA leaders and former Leader of the Opposition on Newham Council, Alan Craig, says the appeal will be the first test of David Cameron’s remarks about the dangers of radical Islam and the need for integration.

CPA said Newham Council ordered the group off the site early last year after TJ had been using it for a temporary mosque without planning permission for four years. The group had also constructed buildings on the site against planning regulations.

“Tablighi Jamaat have acted unlawfully and irresponsibly,” said Craig, who’s also campaign director of local opposition group Newham Concern.

He added, “Their track record amply shows they are not concerned to abide by planning regulations; they apparently consider they are above the law that the rest of us have to keep. Newham Council is to be congratulated for ordering them off site.”

According to CPA, the appeal, which will be heard by the government’s planning inspector at Newham Town Hall in East Ham, starts on Feb. 8 and is expected to last for eight days. If they lose, TJ claims it could mean the end of the mega-mosque “development dreams” for the group’s site at West Ham.

CPA said Newham Concern is calling two Muslim experts as specialist witnesses to highlight the fundamentalist and socially harmful nature of the sect.

Dr. Taj Hargey of the Muslim Educational Center of Oxford has publicly criticized TJ for its promotion of hard-line separatism and intolerance. Tehmina Kazi of British Muslims for Secular Democracy will testify to what they claim is TJ’s hatred of women and the group’s refusal to open its current facilities to women.

“This inquiry is the moment of truth,” Craig said in the news release. “If the TJ appeal fails, they will have to move away and their plans for a mega-mosque will be dealt a mortal blow.”

He continued, “If it succeeds, they say they now have the necessary funding in place and they will publish their architect’s master plan before the end of the year. The mega-mosque project will go ahead.”

The Christian Peoples Alliance is a political party linked to Christian Democrats across Europe.

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