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Olympia showcase. “Make love not war” : Madonna response to Marine le Pen complain.

François HollandeOn Tuesday, president Hollande travelled to London to shake French athletes hands – his new hobby inaugurating a new version of presiding “normally” that have started two weeks ago. Each week end the president shows up somewhere and make himself available to the public for a walkabout and a crowd swim.

In the process, he spares no effort shaking hands, consenting to a picture with a citizen demanding for a shot in souvenir, sharing smiles and some light jokes with the public. The exercice is essentially a show up from which no fondamental argument or frankly dialog could take place. Superficiality is the ultimate characterization of the showing. Kind of showcase in the end.

Showcase, the misunderstanding of Paris

Precisely this is what happened recently in Paris after Madonna last performance in Olympia with a confused French people, culturally weak in English, eventthough some important efforts are on the way since a little while. Attenders to the Olympia show took a showcase as a concert. They mixed the two. Consequently, they voiced harsh words and demanded a reimbursement of what they had paid for to attend the showcase. Madonna’s spokewomen, gave the amount of the sum : 100 euros.
How could French people believe they can have Madonna more than 45 mn for 100 euros each in a so little place like the Olympia.
More, Madonna honored a French musician Hero, Gainsbourg style, the way the defunt Serge Gainsbourg could have be so fond and so happy of. The gap between French people appreciation of an artistic performance and the demand for payback is troublesome. More, it is disturbing as Madonna, in a previous appearance at the “Stade de France” – where Marine le Pen was pictured with a nazi cross. Noone can doubt the Nazi penchant of the far right Marine’s parti. Since she took the reigns of the parti ; in fact a gift of her father, she has tried to manicure the Front National. But the lacquer is easy to unstick ; just like the new lacquers generation.
After taking office, President Hollande began his mandate receiving each President of a political parti at the Palais de l’Elysée. One was not invited. Guess who was that one – here I remember McCain calling president Obama “that one in 2008 American election”. The one president Hollande did not accept to shake hands with was precisely Marine Le Pen. President Hollande I’m publicly opposing for a lot of reasons, has this one right. This total ignorance of Marine le Pen by President Hollande is tellingly about the disguise the values of the parti he is presiding over stand for. Hate and venom flowing from the double language of that parti are terrible. I’ve called them Flames of dragon.
Saying that Mrs Le pen is a nazi like doesn’t come as a surprise to any sensitive body. It is not about criticism but about facts.
Madonna was keen enough to affirm that “her intention was not to make ennemis” suggesting that she is in Paris to make love and peace and nothing else. “Make love not war”. Olympia showcase recalled it perfectly. Have sex, this is the tremendous answer of Madonna to Mrs. le Pen.

Le Pen is demanding 1 million for the so called offense in a complain filed against Madonna for what she, Le Pen, considers as attacks and assaults. Here we are. Greediness in addition to the shameful lawsuit we have asked her to withdraw.
From the 93 French famous department known as 9 – 3 (pronounce nine three), in the first constituency edging and comprising the « Stade de France » where I’m standing as an MP to be in 2017 legislatives race – I competed last June, but as I was following and supporting Sarkozy campaign in this website, time ran short for me to perform – Nevertheless, I have sent a message via this website, to french parliamenteries to take action with a law protecting artists and specially foreigners performers from any censorship, pursuit of any kind whatsoever.
Hoping in advance that, starting to 2017, any artist coming in the “State de France” will be me Very special guess. I promise to do every thing possible to be there.
How can president Hollande keep silence over such a show of disrespect towards artists. Madonna worth a Mass.

Madonna, know that, « We, French people loves you ». You are our best Evita ever. We condemn the shameful Mrs Le Pen complain as awful and as bad politician taste, as this is somebody who is European deputy and was competing for French legislatives.

If France turned out as a dangerous place for foreigners artists to be, then the impact on growth France is so in need will be disastrous. So will the creativity be. Indeed a decline. You may have a better picture why eurozone debt crisis is still going on and – contrary to the official sayings – things are on an unstoppable decresencdo road so far, just as a luge descent. Either the whole thing collapses – the possibly of this outcome is still actual and officials are fighting hard to conjure the fate – either the luge will end up its course upside down. As from now nobody knows the end of the game.
Culture is the poor child in Hollande’s government. With Sarkozy, despite a higly cultivated man, Frédéric Mitterand, the nephew of the late president Mitterand, it was the same standards. How do you bring about “change” or “growth” when you, as president, gives caution to Policitians suing artists the Madonna international size plus. In the meantime, PSA (Peugeot industrial automobile plants) has cutting down his workforce up to 8 000. No concerts anymore, as some artists would fear the reprisals. 8 000 less workers. Eventhough you are an adept of tax raise as president Hollande, how do you raise those tax ?
Thanks God, Danny Boyle has presented the World over a “World class ceremony” (D. Cameron said) in London. A “First class ceremony” (Cameron again) celabrating life ; celebrating the Triumph and the Glory of Life over death. It resonates at a distance with Madonna’s show case in the Olympia (Paris) drawing a red heart – make love not war –
Jack Lang will remain the indétrônable French Ministry of Culture with two facts of accounts ; his legacy : the “Fête de la musique” along with the popularization of Gay parades. Personally, I understanding nothing in gay movement, but I respect their freedom to live their feelings. What is beyond my strenghts is why the hell they are so focus in doing the same like heterosexual couples asking for marriage and children adoption. While chosing to be gay or lesbiens, they knew well the choice doesn’t comprise marriage and child as a natural possibility.
Marriage is about a Man and a Woman and children are a blessing by God of that sacred Union. Man and Man or Woman and Woman are not sacred Union. That they are asking for children terrifies me. Plus, who are we, adults or lawmakers to decide the fate of a child at the age he can’t decide for himself ; who are we to decide “you can be adopted by a couple of homosexuals”. I find it an abuse of power and a derivative exploitation of Liberty as a concept.
People reaching their majority age are free to choose whether they want to be homosexual or not. What they are not entitled to is to embarked an innocent child in a journey he or she has not chosen and are not free to decide. The argument applies to States and to the whole society. It is about responsibility, respect and love we owe to our children, all of us, blacks or white, poor or rich.
Here is my last take : Marine Le pen’s inculture is pitoyable and despicable. Once again, Madonna is for ever. Peace and love. Madonna, please know that French people will stand with you as they bear you in their hearts. Always. Whereever. Whenever. Whatever.

We love you.

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