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Nigeria: Strong Faith (Video)

Ten years ago, Nigerian Christians could expect a major attack against them about once every year. Then the attacks began to occur monthly. In the past year, attacks have occurred nearly every other week. Today, simply attending church on Sunday puts a believer at risk, and those who actively tell Muslims about Christ are at greater risk still.

Evangelist Johnson was seriously injured in a bomb explosion on his way to a Christian meeting. As with hundreds of other injured Nigerian Christians last year, VOM supported Johnson by paying his medical bills, helping him arrange needed treatment and providing spiritual encouragement. Sadly, the need for medical care is growing at an incredible rate among Christians in northern Nigeria today.

But Johnson exemplifies the persevering spirit of Nigerian believers. While many of these Christians could leave, they feel called to reach their Muslim neighbors. As Johnson says, “If I didn’t love my work, if I didn’t love Jesus, I would give up.” Johnson and many other Nigerian Christians live under constant threat for the sake of Christ. Johnson shares his encouraging story in this interview.

Source: VOM

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