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Nigeria: Pastor’s Home Attacked

On May 19, Muslim youths destroyed two church buildings and a pastor’s house in Northern Nigeria, according to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts.

“Dr Saleh received a phone call from one of the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) missionaries, Gambo Mato, serving in a village called Kwasam, … Kano state, saying, ‘Muslim youths are now destroying my house and our church buildings; they have set my house and the church ablaze,’” VOM contacts said.

The Muslim youths burned and destroyed both the new and old churches as well as the pastor’s house. “They also attacked the Christians in the village with sticks, clubs, knives and bow and arrows, but the Christians, who are mostly natives of the place, … escaped with their lives, leaving few injured,” VOM contacts said. “Praise God no one was killed.”

Believers in Nigeria think the Muslims attacked because locals are converting to Christianity and Muslims do not want churches in the area. This is the latest in the ongoing attacks against believers in Nigeria. The Voice of the Martyrs stands with persecuted Christians in Nigeria and encourages you to pray for believers in this area. Pray that in the face of their terrible suffering, God’s grace will be sufficient. Pray that God will change the hearts and minds of the Muslim youths involved in these attacks, and pray for lasting peace in Nigeria.

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