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Network4Missions Forum launched by two veteran missionaries

Yvonne and Neal Pirolo

Two veteran missionaries, Neal and Yvonne Pirolo from San Diego, California, have launched the Network4Missions Forum (, as an opportunity for “an open exchange of ideas regarding Christian cross-cultural outreach ministry.”

Neal Pirolo told ANS, “It is a clearinghouse for mission resources; a place to post needs and offers to meet needs. It is also a place to voice your perspective or questions.”

He said that registration to post “is (and always will be) free. In the first three hours after launch, there were 80 registered to post and already 103 posts on 60 different threads (subjects) on 23 specific sub-forums!”

Neal said that one of the first posters was NickP who queried: “What does it mean to be a missionary? Or to be called to be a missionary?”

He went on to say, “Two excellent articles have already been posted to help NickP and many others who have that question on their mind.”

One of the sub-forums set up is regarding the needs of parents of missionaries. Neal said that this sub-forum has already seen “heavy traffic.”

He said one article is called, “Where is Christine? God knows!” It was written by a missionary mom.

“Great insights for parents of missionaries,” said Pirolo.

“We believe that is becoming an internationally participated forum assisting every Christian to learn about, become engaged in, and become a support to mission’s efforts world-wide.”

Neal Pirolo is the founder and director of Emmaus Road International. His backround is in education. With a B.A. in Bible and Education, and an M.A. in Educational Administration, he has his California Teaching and Administration Credentials. He has taught and/or administered students from preschool through postgraduates in public and/or private schools in the US, Peru and Brazil.

Neal founded Maranatha Christian Academy in Costa Mesa, California, and directed a one year ministry school in San Diego, California for five years. He is an ordained minister.

Neal, who has been married to Yvonne for some 50 plus years ago, has either ministered cross-culturally or has been involved in training others for cross-cultural ministry for 38 of those years. He says he has been “privileged to visit or minister in over 60 countries as well as throughout the United States.”

A pre-field training course he developed has been modeled in several countries. Neal has authored four books. The first, “Serving As Senders,” is available in twenty languages, with just under 400,000 copies in print. He has published four series of essays and numerous articles. Many of his teachings have been recorded. His teachings are always Biblically based and focus on solutions to the issues of missions.

Yvonne Pirolo graduated with a BA degree in Bible and Psychology. “However,” she says, “I believe my ‘education’ has mainly come from life’s experiences in relating with people.” She has always enjoyed one-on-one interaction, but little by little she was encouraged into teaching positions. She teaches a highly interactive Interpersonal Relationships and Godly Communications class. Her personal perspectives in the “Prepare For Battle!” book and seminar add, she says, “a valuable dimension.”

For many years she traveled together with Neal in ministry. But again, being encouraged into leading a short term team to Eastern Europe, she now leads two trips per year—mainly to Asia.

Neal and Yvonne have four children, 14 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. Many of them live in the San Diego area.

Dan Wooding, Assist News Service

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