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10th National Assembly of the Church of God in Mexico

Close to three thousand Church of God delegates convened in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico to celebrate their National Assembly, July 3-6, 2012.

One of the crucial items on their agenda was the election of their new National Superintendent. From a pool of three nominees and one at large, Bishop Julio Melendez won the vote to serve as the next National Superintendent of the Church of God in Mexico. Julio Melendez and his wife, Yolanda, are currently serving as overseers of the Metropolitan region. This region is predominantly concentrated in the largest metropolitan city in Latin America, Mexico City. With its more than 20 million inhabitants, Mexico City is the third largest capital city in the world.

Dr. Francisco and Doris Jimenez, current National Superintendents, moderated the National Assembly. Dr. and Sister Jimenez are concluding their twelve years of fruitful and productive service. According to Dr. David and Fernanda Ramirez, Director of Latin America, the Regional Overseers and other leaders sponsored a wonderful evening of celebration in honor of Dr. and Sister Jimenez and their four children. Dr. Ramirez, goes on to state that the National Assembly was an historic event because all of the Regional Superintendents of Latin America and their respective spouses, Dr. Otoniel and Xiomara Collins, Dr. Silvio and Sonia Ribeiro and Dr. Eduardo and Rebeca Drachenberg, participated in various forms like teaching, preaching and observing that the elections would go well.

One of the highlights of the National Assembly, according to Dr. Francisco Jimenez was the inclusion of the youth department in their activities. As the ministers met to review the national agenda, Ladies Ministries under the leadership of Sister Doris Jimenez, conducted their National Conference. The youth as well as Men’s Ministries did the same. Everyone but the youth would gather in the evenings for a powerful service. Dr. David Ramirez preached the opening service, Dr. Mark Williams, Assistant General Overseer preached Wednesday, July 4, Dr. Victor Pagan, World Missions’ Assistant Director spoke Thursday night and Dr. Francisco Jimenez spoke at the National Superintendents’ affirmation service, Friday, July 6. There were other guests present, including Evangelist Jackie Rodriguez and Pastor Chaney Garcia.

Congratulations to the Church of God in Mexico for the successful celebration of their 10th National Assembly.

(Source: Church of God Hispanic Ministries)

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