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Muslims besiege Christian slum in an attempt to kill Christian men

A group of Pakistani Muslims have been patrolling the streets of the Kalupura Christian slum in Gujarat in a bid to find and kill Christian residents who have since gone into hiding.

ANS has learned from various local sources, including the Rev. Dr. Suleman Nasri Khan that on Friday, October 8, 2010, Muslim militants, brandishing deadly firearms had partly besieged the Kalupura Christian slum.

Since Wednesday, September 8, 2010, he alleged that Christian have been attacked several times by around 40 Muslim militants armed with deadly weapons.

In a bid to bring attention to the attacks, Christians have since protested in front of the Islamabad National Press Club and Interior Minister Rehman Malik took notice of the complainants.

Concerned and drained Rev Dr. Suleman Nasri Khan recounted, while talking to ANS, that the following Christian men and their families, identified as Allah Rakha Masih, Boota Masih, Khalid Rehmat, Murad Masih Gill, Tariq Murad Gill and Rashid Masih, were on the hit list of the Muslim militants who have partially cordoned off Kalupura Christian slum, Gujarat and standing in every square of the slum to hunt the above named Christians and their family members.

The Rev. Dr, Khan added that at present all the six Christian families were at a safe and unknown place.

Replying to a question about the financial condition of the six families and Rev Dr. Khan’s himself; he said he has sold each and every pricey household item of his domestic use to feed the members of six Christian families wanted by militants and his own children.

Talking about the deplorably pathetic financial condition of his own family, Khan said that for last lat three days his spouse, Aster Nasri Khan, had been feeding his youngest daughter identified as Sana Nasri Khan (5 months old) with water mixed with salt and sugar instead of milk or other supplements.

Aster Nasri Khan said that she was “ready to die due to starvation for the sake of Lord Jesus Christ or His body (congregation).”

Talking about the reaction of the six Christian families wanted by the Muslim militants, Khan replied they were “fed up” because no one, not even any one of the Christian legislators of Punjab or National Assembly or Christian Ministers including Federal Minister for minorities affairs, Shahbaz Bhatti or Kamran Michael, the provincial minister of Punjab for minorities affairs, were helping them morally, financially or legally.

Harassed and starving Christian family members said it would be better for them in the prison.

“At least they would be able get proper meals there that than die of starvation,” said Allah Rakha Khan.

Rev. Dr. Nasri Khan reiterated now they have reached their breaking point because the more the Islamists protest the more they are emboldened.

Terribly harassed Christians could not convene their Sunday prayers in the Kalupura Christian slum’s church called the Power of God Church, instead the Sunday service was held in the house of a Muslim man, a close friend of Tariq Gill since his childhood, on Sunday October 10, 2010.

Rev. Dr. Suleman Nasri Khan said all the culprits were still at large and wandering freely in the streets of Kalupura slum, Rev Dr Khan complained, no action was taken by Police against them nor they were registering FIR against them.

Rev Dr. Khan also appealed to the international donor organization pray and to help them financially and help these hapless and marginalized Christian men and their families.

For details of how to help these families, please send an e-mail to:

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