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Muslim men ‘entice’ a Christian widow and ‘grab her house’

Two Muslim men have allegedly deprived a Christian widow in Sialkot, Pakistan, of her house under the garb of sending her only son to Germany.

“I am now homeless and living like a vagrant,” said the Christian widow, Bernice Khokhar, wife of the late Chaudhary Yaquob Khokhar, and a former nurse with the Iranian Air Force.

Bernice, who has one son, Humayun Khokhar, and a daughter, Huma Khokhar, said in an interview with ANS, that her husband had passed away in a road accident on August 8, 1991.

She alleged that close friends of her late spouse made a “false promise” that they were planning to send her only son to Germany so that he could study and work there.

Bernice Khokhar said that, at the time, her only asset was her home and she listened as she wanted to “better the career” of her son.

Khokhar said that two Muslim men persuaded her to transfer the house to them saying they would sell it to pay for her son’s new life in Germany.

She said she believed them as they said they were not only “good friends” of her late husband, but also friends of her brother, who was living in Germany.

In her conversation with ANS, the widow said that the men sold her house for Pakistani Rupees 15,00,000/– (about $17,539.22 USD), but they never sent her son to Germany, or gave her any of the money.

“Each time I asked them about this, they kept making lame excuses and also kept postponing the date of the payment to me,” alleged Khokhar.

She showed me the applications she had submitted to the Federal Investigation Agency Headquarters in Islamabad, about the case, and stated that she had appealed to the President of Pakistan for “justice, recovery of payment of her house, or to send her son to Germany.”

“All my efforts have so far proved to be fruitless,” she said.

The penniless widow alleged that, with the money from the sale of her home, the Muslim men have since erected factories and one of them was living in UK after securing asylum there.

Bernice Khokhar has appealed the “all people of goodwill” around the world to help her by contacting the Chief Justice of Pakistan, as well as the President and Prime Minister, about her case.

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