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Muslim Air Force Officer Accuses Christians of Burglary

A high ranking Pakistani Air Force (PAF) officer living at the PAF Base Mushaf, situated in Sargodha, in the northeast of Pakistan, has leveled charges of a “huge theft” from his home, against seven Christians.

The airbase is home to the Combat Commanders School (CCS), formerly the Fighter Leader’s School, an elite training facility for training Pakistan Air Force pilots in fighter tactics and weapons.

ANS has established that the Muslim Pakistan Air Force officer had, because of his rank, been given Christian servants to work at his home.

“They all worked from dawn till dusk in various capacities, from cooking to gardening,” said a source.

The officer claimed that, on the evening of May 9, 2010, he was invited out for dinner by one of his close relatives and, along with his family, had gone there after they securely locked all the doors, windows and main gate.

He then alleged that, when he returned home, he found the door half open, and cash and costly wrist watches, a cell phone, and jewelry, were “found stolen.”

“As this incident was alledged to have occurred inside the PAF boundaries, the seven Christian servants initially were interrogated by PAF Military Police Sargodha,” said an ANS source.

“The were under ssuspects because all Christians, due to their appalling living conditions, were under suspicion in the eyes of the\is rich, powerful and influential PAF Muslim officer, who has never seen poverty during his whole life span.”

After the charges, the alleged burglars were initially interrogated on the theft case by PAF Police and then handed over to the Cant Police Station in Sargodha and finally moved on May 10, 2010, to the District Jail Sargodha under judicial remand by the orders of a local magistrate.

Farrukh Tanvir, a youth leader in Sargodha for the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA), said, “Without any solid evidence, he leveled charges of thievery against all of his Christian servants.”

Farrukh Tanvir termed it to be a “devised conspiracy against Christians to force them to leave Pakistan and settle somewhere in a western country.”

Jawad Mazhar, Assist News Service

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