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Miracle in Joplin

Many years ago, as a young believer, I met the Edson’s, parents of Anjali, when they were part of the “Christ is the Answer” team a large tent ministry in the Jesus Movement. They were later sent out to India and went by land from Italy. After the fall of the former Soviet they began to serve in Central Asia.


Incredible damage at St. John’s after the tornado hit

This is the story of their daughter who survived the recent terrible tornado in Joplin.

Around 1 AM on Sunday, May 22, 2011, I got an urgent prayer request from the Edson’s about the massive tornado hitting Joplin and that their daughter was missing. Anjali is a doctor in training as a surgeon and as far as they knew was in St. John’s Regional Medical Center when it was hit by an F-5 tornado causing huge damage and loss of life.

Shortly before the tornado hit she had gone to the home provided for doctors to study. This was told me by her parents.

“Please pray for Anjali right now. She is still in shock. After going without sleep for 35 hours she finally got some sleep. Last night there was a tornado warning in Ozarks and she ran in the bathroom and started crying,” one of the family said.

Anjali then explained what had happened:

“I saw a bright light and I felt it was a warning from the Lord and so I ran into the bathroom. I know we are told to get into the bathtub, but I felt shouldn’t. I held onto the door with all my might. The house collapsed around me. I felt myself falling and I cried to the Lord.”

After she dug herself out of the rubble and ran to the hospital, she worked till 1 AM getting patients out and moving dead bodies.

When she got back to what was left of the house, she saw that the bathtub had flown over her head and landed in the living room and it was then that she knew that had she been in the tub, she probably would not have survived.

The brick siding of the house was ripped off, floor boards torn up, water was shooting up out of the bathroom. However, the table was still there with her car keys on it. Her car had some damage (back window smashed out, lights broken, etc.), but amazingly it started and she drove it back to Springfield, MO. She is putting it into the repair shop to get it fixed.

Anjali lost all her clothes and she can’t find her computer in the rubble. The deductible on her car repairs is $500.00, but still she survived.

Many in Joplin are suffering, but the Church there is stepping up and doing what the Church always does in responding to human need. Our little ministry is trying to help International Humanitarian Aid, Convoy of Hope, Billy Graham’s Rapid Response, Samaritans Purse, and the Salvation Army, among others.

Her parents wrote, “There was about an hour yesterday morning when we didn’t know if our daughter was alive or dead. Thank God for the emergency services who texted our son David and said: ‘Anjali is alive. Come and pick her up.’

A friend called Karl drove down to get her. Thank you to an old citizen of Joplin – after Anjali dug her way out of the house and ran to the hospital — he was standing there with his wife. Anjali held on to him and cried. Then she prayed, found a pair of shoes and got to work.”

Anjali is saying a number of medical staff died – several nurses and doctors. There are lots of grieving families.

In a Facebook posting, Anjali wrote, “Great day: I went to the hospital to visit Joplin tornado victims with debilitating injuries today. During my visit, one of the patients was in tears and wrapped her arms around my neck. She believes that God saved her life as well. We were able to speak of what God had done for us. Please pray for her. Her lower body was crushed including her lower back and she is uncertain if she will be able to walk again.”

For Angali, it was indeed a “miracle in Joplin”.


Daniel Scalf, missionary, pastor and longtime aid worker, Dan, became a believer on Jan. 3, 1972. After three months, he felt a call to the ministry and five months later went into the ministry. Dan has traveled in 100 countries much of it war zones and crises areas of the world. In 1973, he began smuggling into Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. One hundred and two times crossing the Russian frontier. Recently, he came back to the USA and now is helping plant a church in Illinois. He can be contacted by e-mail at:


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