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Ministry costs money

Ministry costs money. It is impossible to do significant, lasting, life-changing ministry without it costing something. In 2008, International Director Tom Madden and Assistant Director Gary Lewis made a notable commitment to YWEA (Youth World Evangelism Action, the youth missions program of the Church of God, sponsored by Youth and Discipleship Ministries) and the world harvest. The decision was made that every dollar, every quarter, every dime, and every penny given to the ministry of YWEA would go directly to that year’s project…period. This means more than 100% is being given, because all expenses for promotional materials, videos, websites, travel, and administration must be covered elsewhere. Church of God Youth and Discipleship is giving 100%… PLUS!

Here is a question with a seemingly obvious answer: “Is 100% enough?” Well, of course, because 100% would be everything, right? In the case of YWEA, 100% was the least that should be done.

This year, 100% of all YWEA offerings will help the Harvest Church of God in Ethiopia.
Presently we have 130 established congregations in Ethiopia and about 30,000 members! The strategy for the Church of God in Ethiopia is simple: reach the children and youth and help them become strong Christian leaders that care about their communities. The fields of Ethiopia are ripe and ready to be harvested! What are you waiting for? Help us “Lift the Cross and Raise the Children!” The YWEA 2011 project will supply our churches in Ethiopia the support they need to build:
• A Ministry Center to network their multiple children’s ministries.
• Better facilities and provisions for basic needs such as access to running water at the National Office.
• Trained Leaders to educate, feed, house, protect and love children.

To learn how you and your church can help “Lift the Cross,” through YWEA, contact Randall Parris, YWEA Coordinator at Church of God Youth and Discipleship directly at (423) 478-7883 / or visit

“If you want to change a city or nation, you must first change its children.”
-W.A. (Dick) Davis

–Randall Parris, international coordinator for YWEA and Leadership Development, Church of God Youth and Discipleship

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