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Ministries for Family Enrichment Pays Tribute to Dr. Dale Kietzman

Dr. Dale Kietzman, an extraordinary missionary elder statesman, was recently honored by Ministries for Family Enrichment (MFE), an international Christian family ministry run by its founders, Tom and Jeannine Gonzalez, for what they called, “30 years of Godly wisdom and guidance.”

Jeannine and Tom Gonzalez after presenting Dr. Kietzman with his plaque

Dr. Kietzman was, until recently, a long-serving board member with MFE, a group based in Visalia, California, that is actively involved in “contributing to the fulfillment of Jesus’ Great Commission by encouraging and equipping couples to pursue a Biblically-based family.”

Tom Gonzalez told the ASSIST News Service that, “MFE was privileged to honor Dr. Kietzman at a recent board meeting held at William Carey International University, located on the campus of the U.S. Center for World Missions, in Pasadena, California.”

He said that the plaque that was presented to him, read: “Uncle Dale, Our Love and Deep Appreciation for Your Godly Wisdom and Guidance Since 1980 — Proverbs 24: 3 and 4.”

Now in his eighties, and still an avid reader, Dr. Kietzman was also presented with an Amazon Kindle™.

Tom Gonzalez then told ANS about what he called, “Dr. Kietzman’s lifetime of unpretentious and faithful service in impacting missions around the world.”

Dan Wooding pictured with Dr. Dale Kietzman

He went on to say: “Dale is considered a missionary elder statesman and has been a part of many mission organizations. He served in Mexico, Peru and Brazil with Wycliffe Bible Translators and also the Summer Institute of Linguistics. He went on to become Wycliffe’s director for North America in the 1970’s and also headed Every Home for Christ.”

Tom Gonzalez then said that Dr. Kietzman had “the privilege” of working alongside Dr. William Cameron Townsend, the founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators, adding, “Together they went to Washington D.C. to get President Lyndon Johnson, to declare a national ‘Bible Translation Day.’”

He continued by saying, “Together with Bill Butler, he founded Wycliffe Associates, an organization that would help to raise funds for missionaries,” and then, he said, “Dr. Kietzman and Bill Butler went on to form Christian Resource Management (CRM) in 1974. They assisted many Christian ministries such as Brother Andrew’s Open Doors, Corrie ten Boom, Dan Wooding (ASSIST News Service), Tom Claus (Founder of Christian Hope Indian Eskimo Fellowship), and of course, our own Ministries for Family Enrichment.

“In 1990, Dr. Kietzman became vice-president of William Carey International University, which is a part of the U.S. Center for World Missions.

North Korea breakthrough

“It was during this time that he was thrust, through a series of circumstances, into the role of becoming the person who was asked by the North Korean Government, to extend to Billy Graham an invitation to come to North Korea to speak. Dr. Kietzman and Dr. David Cho [not David Yonggi Cho] were able to accomplish this unheard of event and Billy Graham did make trips to North Korea, [where his wife Ruth was educated], which was one of his long time dreams.”

Dan Wooding and Dr. David Cho besides huge statue of Kim Il-sung in Pyongyang on a trip to North Korea that Dr. Kietzman helped to organize

On a personal note, Dr. Kietzman also arranged for me to visit North Korea, as a journalist, along with Dr. Cho and Michael Little from CBN, in the fall of 1994, shortly after the funeral of the “Great Leader” – Kim il-Sung.

“Another project that has been close to the heart of Dr. Kietzman is Latin American Indian Ministries ( Along with David Tamez, they are reaching out to Indians throughout Mexico and other parts of Latin America,” said Gonzalez.

“Dr. Kietzman has played a key role in the development of Ministries for Family Enrichment over the years. He has served as consultant, board member and longtime advisor spanning 30+ years.”

Tom Gonzalez went on to say that through his gift of “networking” people, Dr. Kietzman has:
1. Introduced MFE to Brother Andrew which resulted in our taking our family ministry training to Jamaica, Trinidad, and Barbados.
2. Introduced us to Dr. Barry Davidson of Jamaica, who at the time was a student at Fuller. “We worked with Barry in Jamaica and he went on to form Family Life Ministries which is impacting families throughout the Caribbean,” said Gonzalez.
3. Connected us with Dan Wooding, Founder and President of the ASSIST News Service.
4. Introduced us to Tom Claus, Founder and President of CHIEF. “We went on to team up with CHIEF, was a member of their Board and MFE is now offering its family resources to Huron Claus, who now heads up the organization his father founded,” he said.
5. Teamed us up with Dr. Dr. Andre Talla, Founder and President of the Dale Kietzman University, Cameroon, Africa. “MFE will be involved in teaching our curriculum in that University. I am also serving as an Adjunct Professor,” said Gonzalez.
6. Most recently, he introduced us to Dr. David Cho’s daughter, Helen Cho, who owns a large publishing company in South Korea. “We will be meeting with her in a few weeks during our trip to China and South Korea,” added Tom Gonzales.

Dr. Kietzman with the board of MFE after the presentations

He concluded by saying, “This is just a sampling of some of the ways in which Dr. Dale Kietzman has been used of God to be a blessing to Ministries for Family Enrichment. ‘Uncle Dale’ is still called upon for advice and guidance and he gives generously of his time.

“It was only appropriate that Ministries for Family Enrichment should honor the man we lovingly call, ‘Uncle Dale,’ a true missionary statesman and a humble servant of the Lord.”

Another personal note from Dan Wooding: It was Dr. Kietzman who sponsored the Wooding family to move from the UK to the United States back in 1982 on behalf of Open Doors USA and between us, we jointly went on to start the Open Doors News Service. Dale was later a founding board member of ASSIST and was the Chairman of our Board for many years, until he finally retired for health reasons. In my opinion, Dr. Dale Kietzman is one of the great unsung heroes of modern missions and someone that so many of us, whose lives he touched, will always be grateful for.

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