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Malaysian publisher issued a book called ‘The Law of God’

The Managing Director of Manmin Publisher, Deborah Tang, Urim Books’ cooperative publisher based in Johor, Malaysia, has published a book called “The Law of God” in English (ISBN 978-967-5372-06-3).

The Law of God, based on sermon messages of Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor at Manmin Joong-ang Church, Seoul, Korea, is a collection of Rev. Dr. Lee’s topical messages on the Ten Commandments.

The primary focus of this work is the reason our God of love has given us the Ten Commandments and the spiritual significance of each Commandment including ways to draw closer to Him, receive answers from Him, walk with Him, and meet with Him in everyday life.

And this book delves into topics and subjects every child of God must be taught.

Just as one individual needs proper education to prepare to face society, a child of God also needs proper education to be prepared to face heaven. This is where the law of God comes in. The laws of God, or His Ten Commandments, should be taught to every new child of God, and applied in every Christian’s life.

If readers come to know the spiritual significance of the Ten Commandments that are discussed in this book, and come to understand the deep love of God who gave us the Ten Commandments and decide to live in obedience to His Commandments, they will receive incredible blessings from the Lord.

As every believer ought to read The Law of God, it is designed to be friendly to people of all ages and measures of faith anywhere, anytime.

Author Dr. Jaerock Lee is senior pastor of the Manmin Central Church in Seoul, South Korea, a 100,000-member international church which also has some 9,000 branch churches around the world and was recently named as one of the “Top 10 Most Influential Christian Leaders in 2009” by the Christian Telegraph newspaper, based in Kiev, Ukraine.

MMP ( is a newly established publisher in Johor, Malaysia and runs its own bookstore in Sarawak, Malaysia.

The “Law of God” is available through

Deborah Tang,Manmin Publisher

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