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London Terror Attack

Amidst the horror that ensued when two men brutally hacked a British soldier to death in the London streets, four women’s courageous actions stopped further murders.

According to a story by Andrew Gruttadaro for Hollywood Life, despite the fact that two men armed with knives had just murdered a soldier and dumped his body onto a London street on May 22, four women on the scene were not afraid of standing up to the terrorists and trying to stop the violence.

Four Women Bravely Confront London Terrorists

Hollywood Life said three women rushed to the victim’s side, even as the two armed men — one of whom has been identified as Michael Adebolajo – loomed over his body.

An eyewitness said that he saw one of the women, who has not yet been named, approach the men and ask if she could go pray for the victim.

“She is a very religious woman,” Hollywood Life reported onlooker Joe Tallant said. “She saw everything and wanted to comfort the man. She just walked straight up to them with no fear.”

Hollywood Life said the woman sat on the road next to the victim’s side, placing her arm on his back while she prayed.

“She put her hands on his chest and I think she prayed for him,” Joe added. “The poor man’s head was beside her.”

Hollywood Life said one other brave woman, also unidentified walked past the murder suspects as well and joined the first woman next to the victim’s side.

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett: “I Wasn’t Scared” Of Attackers

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, confronts one of the  London terrorist killers. (courtesy: Twitter).

Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, confronts one of the
London terrorist killers.
(courtesy: Twitter).

Hollywood Life said meanwhile, mother of two Ingrid Loyau-Kennett, 48, approached the suspects calmly, attempting to talk them out of further violence.

“I wasn’t scared. Rather me than a child,” Loyau-Kennett told ITV Daybreak.

Loyau-Kennett noticed the attack from the bus she was on, and got off at once to help. Talking to these men with knives still in their blood-soaked hands, one told her, “We want to start a war in London tonight,” Hollywood Life said she revealed.

Trying to talk peace and sense into the men she replied, “Right now it is only you versus many people, you will lose.”

Hollywood Life reported United Kingdom Prime Minister David Cameron praised Loyau-Kennett’s bravery in the face of horror.

He said, “Confronting extremism is a job for us all. And the fact that our communities will unite in doing this was vividly demonstrated by the brave cub pack leader — Ingrid Loyau-Kennett… She spoke for us all.”

“I thought obviously he was a bit excited, so I thought the thing was just to talk to him,” Loyau-Kennett said.

Female Police Officer Takes Terrorist Down

Hollywood Life said Loyau-Kennett was the one who helped control the situation until the police arrived. And when they did, another brave woman contributed to apprehending these violent suspects.

English rapper Boya Dee was among a number of eyewitnesses who watched the whole incident unfold, and he tweeted the shocking events, including how a female officer was responsible for taking down one of the terrorists.

“The first guy goes for the female fed with the machete and she not even ramping she took man out like robocop never seen nutn like it,” Hollywood Life said Boya Dee tweeted.

Hollywood Life said police confirmed on May 22 that the two men had been arrested after charging a police vehicle that had arrived on the scene. The men were reportedly shot, though not fatally, and are being held at separate hospitals.

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