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London 2012 Olympics end with closing ceremony

London Mayor Boris Johnson has every reason to be happy, for the 2012 London Olympic Games has seen Team GB climb up the medals chart to the joy of crowds filling stadiums and streets, waving Union Jack flags.

Mr. Johnson says that the city’s transport system that underwent a £5.6million upgrade has also coped well with the record number of passengers travelling to different events and that the Games have passed without any major eventuality.

Now the London mayor is keen to pass on his pearls of wisdom to his Brazilian counterpart Eduardo Paes, the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, whose country received the Olympic flag at the closing ceremony. Rio is to host the FIFA World Cup in two years and the Olympic Games in 2016.

“All the anxieties about security haven’t happened and people have really get behind the Games,” said Mr. Johnson. “There’s been some fantastic scenes of London shown around the world and the Games has mobilized more young people into sport.”

Eduardo Paes says it’s not just about the sport as he commended Mr. Johnson for encouraging people to get into the spirit of the occasion. He said: “We’ve been really impressed and it’s been an outstanding Games for the city and the world. We look forward to collaborating with London to ensure a smooth transition from city to city.”

And it’s not just civic leaders who have been on a fact-finding tour of London. Brazilian Abel Santos has joined a team of volunteers for More Than Gold, an organization that exists to help churches and Christian charities make the most of major-sporting events.

During the Games, countless churches across Great Britain have been hosting events such as mini sports tournaments, fetes and televising events on big screens. This has been complemented by More Than Gold mobilizing its largest team of international Games Pastors at any sporting event to date and the Salvation Army distributing free bottles of water to people in London.

Mr. Santos and his fellow volunteers were clearly impressed. He says: “We came to see how churches in London have responded to the Games and would really like to follow their example. We want to inspire the people of Rio to really get behind the Games.”

Meanwhile churches across Britain are hoping to continue their good works inspired by the Games throughout the rest of the year.

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