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Libya’s Unintended Consequences

In, Libya’s Unintended Consequences, July 7, 2012, Ross Douthat writes about the massacres happening in Mali as “unintended consequences” as if they couldn’t have been guessed by the NATO planners. In the contrary and since the beginning, the intervention in Libya was hypocritical:

Roger AKL is a former Lebanese navy officer, former Assistant armed Forces Attaché at the Lebanese Embassy in Washington D.C., former Second in Command of the Lebanese Navy (1981- 1984) and former head of the Lebanese liaison bureau with the American forces in Lebanon (1983-1984), former chairman, CEO and director of the board of companies in the INTRA Investment group (1984-1990). Currently he is a writer in Middle Eastern affairs.

The NATO planners knew beforehand that Kaddafi was not going to wipe out an entire region; since the beginning they were planning to overthrow him, not because he was a tyrant, but because, among many other reasons, he created a bank to help the African countries, replacing the World Bank and the IMF that, because of him, they thought they will not be able to use anymore to blackmail these poor countries into giving, to the rich and powerful ones they are, whatever the Africans have, under and on their ground, and they want.
They knew that the Libyan armaments were going to fall in the hands of AQMI (Al Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb), they knew that this was going to destabilize all the African neighboring countries, but, for them, this is what they want: constructive chaos; isn’t it the US neocons’ policy in Eurasia and Africa? Confessional and religious wars, aren’t they their policies in the Middle East? In Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, who are the West’s objective allies? Those who are fighting the West’s enemy el Assad in Syria are: Islamic Turkey, theocratic Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and Qatar, who financed Al Qaeda, the Salafis, the Moslem Brothers and for sure Israel, also wanting to be recognized as a Jewish, then confessional state.
Is the US (head of NATO) then for freedoms or for creating confessional Islamic and Jewish States? Why all the countries, NATO intervened on, are on the fault line between Islamic countries and Eurasian industrial powers like China, Russia and Europe? Is it because the neocons want to destabilize all the possible rival possible powers to the US mastery of the planet? Is President Obama also a neocon or, if he is not, are they still governing the United States?
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