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Laos: Christians Arrested

Two Hmong believers were arrested on Dec. 3 after a relative told authorities they were sharing the gospel, according to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts.

The men, who became Christians a few years ago, have led most of their relatives to Christ, with the exception of a father-in-law. When the men began to face persecution, they moved their families to another village. “On Dec. 3, [they returned] to their old village and very suddenly upon their arrival the two believers were surrounded by their relatives, who [are] believers,” VOM contacts said. “They talked and encouraged each other passionately while his father-in-law looked at them resentfully. He then went to the policemen and accused them, saying, ‘They did not come here to change their resident form, but they come here to proclaim and lead more people to Christ, and this is against the government and our country.’” 

The believers have reportedly been beaten and tortured in prison. The Voice of the Martyrs provides believers in Laos with resources to rebuild their homes and churches when they are displaced by persecution. VOM has provided metal roofing and livestock, among other things.

Pray that God will protect and encourage these believers in prison and enable their family members to continue serving the Lord. Pray that their testimony will draw their father-in-law to Christ.

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