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Joy Junction Benefits from PNM Fund Reduce Your Use Grant

Joy Junction Homeless Shelter has completed a project funded by a $4,940.00 grant from the PNM Fund to implement energy savings measures.

The grant is one of 57 Reduce Your Use grants awarded in 2010 by the PNM Fund to nonprofits around the state to provide tools for increased energy efficiency and lower bills.

“This is awesome. So many nonprofits have benefited from these grants, but with our older facilities it was a special blessing,” said Dr. Jeremy Reynalds, Joy Junction Founder and CEO.

Joy Junction used the grant to purchase energy-efficient windows, door sweeps, and foam insulation. According to Diane Harrison Ogawa, executive director, PNM Resources Foundation, organizations from across the state applied for the grants totaling nearly $250,000. “PNM’s Reduce Your Use Grants enable nonprofits around New Mexico to decrease their energy use, allowing them to dedicate their resources toward the long-term vision of achieving their missions.”

Since its inception in 1983, the PNM Resources Foundation has invested more than $5 million to help create or maintain essential community programs. This is the first grant program of its kind that directly funds energy efficiency measures for nonprofits and tracks the resulting energy efficiency into the future.

Since opening its doors in 1986, Joy Junction has grown to become New Mexico’s largest homeless shelter. For 25 years, the shelter has provided help and hope for the homeless and hungry in the Albuquerque area. Joy Junction offers a “hand up, not a handout” to those in need. The nonprofit provides food, shelter, clothing, and other services to as many as 300 women, children and families each day.

In 2011, Joy Junction will serve about 205,000 meals and provide as many as 120,000 nights of shelter. Anyone who needs help is welcome at Joy Junction, without regard to race, color, age, national origin, sexual orientation or religion.

Any 501(c) 3 organization operating within PNM’s electric service territory was eligible to submit a grant application. For more information about the PNM Fund, visit

For more information about Joy Junction, call (505) 217-9586 or visit our website

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