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Jackie Carpenter Went To the Courtroom with Her Faith and Her Bible

With Her Son’s Life at Stake, Jackie Carpenter Went To the Courtroom with Her Most Powerful Possessions – Her Faith and Her Bible.

In 2008, Jackie Carpenter’s life was turned upside down when her son fought for his life and freedom following his arrest for accidentally killing a man. He was being robbed daily by thieves who were stealing copper from his worksite and on the advice of a deputy, he armed himself and waited in the dark to hold them until police arrived.

Jackie Carpenter

Jackie Carpenter

Unfortunately, as he held them at gunpoint, the gun accidentally fired and one of the men died. For ten, terror-filled months, Jackie’s near-perfect life suddenly became a terrifying journey to hell and back!

According to a news release, with her son’s life hanging in the balance and his lawyer advising her not to take a Bible into the courtroom the day the jury returned with a verdict at his felony murder trial, what did Jackie do? She listened to the lawyer’s professional advice – but she didn’t take it.

She knew in her heart that she would rather offend a jury member than offend God so she proudly walked into the courtroom that day with her Bible in her hands, and did what she does best; she prayed.

The day this courageous Georgia mother made the decision to carry her Bible into the courtroom she got her miracle when the jury announced the two most wonderful words she had ever heard: “Not guilty!”

The Bridge: Between Cell Block A and a Miracle is Psalm 91 (Xulon Publishing) is Jackie’s heart-wrenching story of her family’s ten-month ordeal in the courtroom drama that followed. A story of fear, love, faith and hope, it depicts the support Jackie found in Psalm 91 and how she used this prayer of protection to hold her family together as her son fought for his life.

Bob Etier of Blog Critics, says: “The Bridge is a book for people who believe in miracles. It is also for people who need to be reminded that during troubling times, God is not the guilty party. Even devout Christians sometimes need to be reminded that their strength is in the Lord, and The Bridge serves as that reminder.”

Emory Daniels from Book Reviews, said: “The Bridge clearly demonstrates that God still performs miracles in the 21st century. A key point is that when bad things happen it’s better to trust God than to blame Him. The story also reveals that it is certainly possible to survive a tragedy without losing faith.”

Monique, of Book Pleasures, wrote: “This is a good, inspirational story…you can absolutely see the conviction in her (Jackie’s) heart that God’s love and grace alone brought her through this difficult time…she simply wants to share her miracle with you.”

While The Bridge tells the story of her walk of faith, her second book, Georgia Justice: Journey to Faith, shares how she built up her faith in the face of tragedy, and is a powerful testimony to the spiritual strength this girl from a small town in Georgia found in the promises of Psalm 91.

A Cry for Justice (Triple Horse Studios) is the award-winning movie that was made from Jackie’s two books and tells the riveting true story of her fight to save her family. To watch the exciting trailer, just go to:

Jackie Carpenter has been a featured guest on television, radio, and in newspaper articles. For more information on this author and her remarkable story of faith, hope and love, visit her website at:

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