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Iraq: Christian Killed By Bomb

On July 5, Behnam Sabti, a Christian, died instantly when a bomb exploded under his car in Mosul, Iraq, according to VOM Canada and Asia News.

According to local reports, Behnam was killed because of his “religious identity.” In recent months, Christians and other religious minorities in Iraq have faced violence because of their beliefs.

This incident is the latest in a series of attacks on Christians that have occurred in Iraq in recent years. In October 2008, more than seven Christians were killed and more than 200 families displaced. The Christian community in Iraq is estimated to be 3 percent of Iraq’s 26 million people, or about 800,000. Since 2003, Christian leaders, churches and businesses in Iraq have been targeted by Islamic extremists. As a result, many believers have fled.

Pray for Behnam’s wife and three children as they mourn the loss of husband and father. Pray that those responsible for this attack will be found and brought to justice. Pray for peace in Iraq and that Christians will be able to live their faith in freedom. Pray Christians will forgive their persecutors. 

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