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Iranian Official dishonored Christian Leaders

A member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution called all non-Islamic religious leaders the most “corrupted” people and also claimed Islamic leaders are the “cleanest” ones in Islamic society.

According to Mohabat News, Hawzah News, which is backed by the Islamic Seminary in Qom, quoted Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi as making the above statement on Thursday in San’atgaran Mosque in Mashhad.

This time again, an Islamic Republic official, insulting Christian leaders said, “The most corrupted people in non-Islamic societies are religious leaders and Christian pastors”. He continued his shocking statement, “Fortunately, the cleanest people in Islamic society are Islamic religious leaders”!

Rahimpour Azghadi added, “Today’s Christian community is the most corrupted society from a moral point of view and the west has the dirtiest culture in the world, with brutality and sexuality as two of its most clear characteristics.”

The member of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution noted, “Today’s western pastors are against marriage, because they believe it harms religion, while we can see corruption in the church”.

In another part of his insulting statement, without providing any evidence or reasoning, he said that the Torah and the Gospel are changed. He also claimed that these books dishonor prophets and even St. Mary”!

Also, on June 26, Mohammad Reza Rahimmi, Iranian First Vice President, in an anti-Jewish statement claimed, “The spread of drugs is rooted in the teachings of the Talmud.”

It should also be remembered that Iranian President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denied the Holocaust many times and called it a myth. In another case, he claimed, “God has not sent any religion called Judaism or Christianity. He said, “Islam is a universal religion. God has not sent more than one religion. Mohammad is the prophet of Americans, Europeans and Asians. He is also the prophet of Buddhists and has come to save all”.

For many years Islamic Republic officials have been opposing what they call “the desecration of Islamic figures”. They also criticized and objected to the anti-Islamic movie about the life of Mohammad in recent weeks and increased their criticisms and objections towards western countries and Christians.

Reprinted with Permission by MohabatNews

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