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Iran: Young Christian Released

On April 24, 19-year-old Iranian Christian Daniel Shahri was released on bail from the Dastgerd Prison in Isfahan, according to Farsi Christian News Network (FCNN). Daniel was arrested on April 11 and held on charges of publishing falsities and insults to the Muslim faith.

“Sources inside the prison report that … the charges of publishing falsities and insults to Islam were dropped, but other charges, such as propagation of the Christian faith and assisting in the formation and the continuation of home-based churches coupled with unauthorized internet activities, were introduced,” FCNN said.

On April 11, undercover officers went to Daniel’s home under the pretense of delivering a letter.  When the door was opened, officers stormed inside the house. Daniel was not at home, so the officers confiscated personal belongings including his computer, DVD player, DVDs, CDs, cell phone and books. The officers then forced Daniel’s sister to call him and ask him to come home. When he arrived, the officers arrested him and took him to an unknown location. On April 14 Daniel was finally allowed to contact his parents, who are blind and have physical disabilities.

Reports indicate an increase in arrests and harsh treatment of Iranian Christians in recent months. The Voice of the Martyrs encourages you to pray that Daniel will be acquitted of these new charges and that he will not be imprisoned again. Also pray for other believers who are in prison in Iran. Ask God to protect and watch over them and their families during this difficult time. Pray that the love of Christ will move them to love their persecutors.

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