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Iran: Women Seriously Ill

UPDATE: On Sept. 10, The Voice of the Martyrs received reports that Maryam and Marzieh’s health has deteriorated and urgent prayers are needed for God to encourage, and miraculously heal them.

According to Elam Ministries, the women who have been in prison for more than six months are suffering from sore throats, irregular painful stomach aches and intense headaches. “Both have lost much weight during their ordeal, because of their sicknesses and lack of nutrition,” officials at Elam Ministries said. “Marzieh’s tooth infection is only being treated by painkillers and if the infection spreads (it) could become critical.”

Maryam and Marzieh are being held at Evin prison which is notorious for its harsh treatment of prisoners. The prison is overcrowded, has limited medical facilities, and many prisoners are reportedly sick and causing a high risk for spreading viruses.

Elam officials also reported the judge in charge of young women’s case, has said they are “not cooperating” because they have refused to deny Christ. “The implication of his remark is that they continue to stay in prison. This is the normal punishment for female apostates: they are kept imprisoned until they recant,” the officials added. VOM encourages you to pray for this judge to be either removed from the case or that he orders their release. Pray for their healing and for the Holy Spirit to encourage them. Praise God for their faithfulness.

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