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Iran: Pastor Released from Jail

On March 28, Rev. Wilson Issavi was temporarily released from Dastgard prison after posting bail, according to Farsi Christian News Network (FCNN). His charges are pending review by the court.

Rev. Wilson, leader of the Pentecostal church in Kermanshah, was arrested in February and detained for 54 days by Iranian government officials. A month prior to his arrest, the Pentecostal church in Kermanshah was closed, and the pastor was told not to reopen it. “The Pentecostal Church of Kermanshah is one of the three churches that during the last year have been closed by the security forces of the government on the charges of attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity,” FCNN reported. Churches in Shahrara and Urumieh have also been shut down. The Pentecostal church, which is an old and historical building in need of repair, was used mainly for weekly Christian services.

FCNN reported that Rev. Wilson seems to have been beaten in prison but that his faith remains strong. The news network further reported that Rev. Wilson is in good spirits even though he has been banned from entering his church building. “Those who know the white-haired pastor well enough know him as a simple and a humble man who truly exemplifies Christ,” FCNN added. “He not only considers himself a Christian pastor, but also thinks of himself as a servant of Muslim people. He has said on many occasions that he loves his Muslim friends and feels that God has called him to serve them.”

The Voice of the Martyrs has stood with Rev. Wilson and his family through these challenges. Pray that the charges against him will be dropped and that all Christians who are currently detained in Iran will be freed. Ask God to protect and minister to believers in Iran who risk their all for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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