Introduction of Evangelist Jeri Lynn Murphy

I want to take the time and introduce myself to you. My name is Evangelist Jeri Lynn Murphy and my ministry is called, Seasons of God Ministries. It seems in life we go through many seasons and stages. Some seasons are very dark and it feels like we will be in the winter weather forever. We remain frozen in time, the dark time and we become paralyzed in our pain and we can’t seem to move forward.

“Broken hearts, shattered dreams and wounded souls is the cry of this generation.”

Seasons of God Ministries is founded upon God’s promises for our lives. If God has called us Ladies and Gentlemen He will make a way for us. He has not forgotten you. He is a God who sees, He is a God who hears and He certainly is a God who pays attention to your every need. Whatever your need is He is a God who is more than enough.

Is your purpose going unfulfilled? Have you lost your motivation from the pain you are walking through? Has your past stolen your future? Are you frozen and not able to go forward, because of a loss of a love one? A loss of a marriage? Maybe you are facing an illness.

You are important to God, no matter what you feel or what you are walking through. I welcome you to come and journey with me and be my friend. Let’s take the hand of Jesus and let’s trust Him to lead us to the way to VICTORY!! In these last days the Lord is using Seasons of God Ministries/Evangelist Jeri Lyn Murphy to bring a fresh move of the Holy Spirit to your life and to your church. The Spirit of God wants to spring you forth, so you will complete the call on your life.

Job 11:16 For you shall forget your misery; you shall remember it as waters that pass by.


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Jeri Lynn Murphy :Jeri Lynn is an ordained minister who has ministered to youth for multiple years.