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Indonesia: Churches Burned

On Jan. 22, two church buildings under construction in North Sumatra, Indonesia, were burned by suspected Islamic extremists, according to Compass Direct News.

“The attackers came from outside the area to burn the partially constructed buildings of the Huria Kristen Batak Protestan Church (HKBP) and the Pentecostal Church in Sibuhuan village, Padang Lawas Residency, during daylight hours,” Rev. Lubis of the HKBP church told Compass. “Hundreds of people arrived on motorcycles and burned the empty church.” Extremists also burned an empty Pentecostal church.

Praise God none of the believers were injured in the fires. Church leaders reported that many believers in the area have fled, fearing for their safety. The Voice of the Martyrs supports and encourages Indonesian believers in a variety of ways, including through the distribution of Christian literature. Praise God for the unwavering faith of these Indonesian believers.

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