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Indian Christian Rescue organization sets 13 minor boys free from bonded labor

President James Varghese (right) interacting with victims

On a series of raids conducted by the Indian Rescue Mission (IRM), a social organization of which I have the privilege of heading, we were able to rescue 13 minor boys from child labor in hotels, bars and shops from June 8-9, 2010 at Bijapur in Karnataka State, India.

We at the Indian Rescue Mission rescue minor girls forced into prostitution and boys from bonded labor, and help these victims get justice by arresting their perpetrators and then we engage in effective rehabilitation.

On June 8, 2010, our investigation team met with the Police Superintendent of Bijapur City and gave him information of 13 minor boys working in child labor in hotels, bars and shops in the city and the shared the urgent need to rescue these children from this bondage. In response, the Police Superintendent instructed his staff to conduct raids on targeted locations and rescue these children.

So our IRM team, along with Police and the Labor Department representatives raided these places in the city and rescued five children in the first round of raids and then a further eight boys in the second round of raids.

Five children rescued in the first raid

After the rescue, the cases were registered against 12 hotel and bar owners who had illegally kept these boys on the job.

Likewise, since 2009, the year Indian Rescue Mission was founded, we have rescued hundreds of girls from forced prostitution and boys from bonded labor.

We need to understand that it is very awful what many girls experience in the brothels and other children in trapped in bonded labor at the various workplaces.

The Indian Rescue Mission rescues these little ones, through your help and support. Wherever, you are, your prayers and financial support can help us rescue these girls and boys before they are abused by hundreds of customers and sold to someone else.

If you feel that you can help them get rescued, and bring justice and restoration to their abused lives, then I urge you, as the Lord may lead you, to assist us in our efforts to rescue many others who are facing harassment and seek freedom.

Let’s join our hands, hearts and minds together to fight against the injustice happening to them. We want them to be saved from this terrible life and I am sure you do also.

As children of the Almighty God, can we stand by and do nothing when injustice happens to these little ones? Have you ever seriously thought of their lives? When God wants to effect change in the terrible conditions of these little ones, how can we sit by unaffected? Your prayerful and financial generosity will make a big difference in the lives of these children.

I hope you will consider supporting the work of the Indian Rescue Mission by sending a donation or monthly support. I would really appreciate you e-mailing me to let me know your thoughts about this raid in particular and our work in general.

Join us in combating child prostitution, child labor and human trafficking here in India by signing a petition at

Eight boys rescued in the second raid

An organization called Equip Nepal in USA has partnered with Indian Rescue Mission and accepts funds for our project in India. People interested to donate can send checks or money orders made out to EquipNepal (one word, capital N on Nepal) by including a note: “For Indian Rescue Mission.” You can also give online through their web site, (

Checks can be sent to EquipNepal, 2632 Ranchette Road, Billings, MT 59105, USA and US donors will eventually receive a tax receipt.

Those from other countries can give via PayPal to jev at equipnepal dot org, and noting that it is a gift for Indian Rescue Mission, or they can send via International Money Order.

If you prefer, you can contact jev at equipnepal dot org, and the concerned person is Janis Viren, who can provide you with wiring information. When sending funds, one should follow up with an e-mail to Janis Viren at, and also a copy to or to help us to know and do the further procedures.

For regular updates on our rescue work, send an email to: Visit us at

James Varghese is a reporter for Masihat newspaper in India, and is also a freelance journalist working for ANS.

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