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India: Four Christians Arrested

On Jan. 5, police arrested four Christians on false charges of forcible conversion in the village of Kushalpura, Madhya Pradesh, India.

At 10:00 a.m., Pastor Kantilal Bhuria went to a home where 25 Christians were gathered for prayer. During the service, a mob of Hindu extremists barged into the house and accused Pastor Bhuria of forcibly converting Hindus. The extremists verbally abused those present and beat a Christian woman. The police arrived on scene after receiving a phone call from the attackers and arrested four believers. At last report, these Christians remained in detention. Pray for the release of these Christians.

The Voice of the Martyrs provides assistance to persecuted believers in India through the Families of Martyrs fund and resources to rebuild their homes or churches. VOM also provides Bibles and literature so pastors can adequately share the gospel. VOM encourages you to pray and ask God to give these pastors and other suffering believers in India grace, wisdom and endurance as they serve Him.

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