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India: Christian’s Hand Severed

On July 4, unknown assailants attacked a college professor, severing his right hand and part of his arm in Kerala, India. According to The Voice of the Martyrs contacts T.J. Joseph, a professor at Newman’s College in Thodupuzha, was returning from a Sunday service at his church when a van pulled up beside him. The assailants forced him from his car and attacked him with knives and swords, amputating his lower arm and inflicting deep wounds to his body. At last report, doctors were attempting to save his limb.

According to reports, several Muslim students were offended by test questions on an exam T.J. Joseph gave two months ago. After protests by Islamic groups, T.J. was suspended from his job and apologized for his “unintentional error.” Nevertheless, he continued to receive threats. T.J.’s assailants in the July 4 attack are suspected to be members of the Islamic militant group, the Popular Front of India, but the attack was condemned by other Islamic groups. The media in India reported that T.J. Joseph forgave his attackers.
Praise God T.J. has forgiven his persecutors. Pray for his full and speedy recovery. Pray that the misunderstanding which led to the attack will be resolved. Pray for peace among India’s religious communities.

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