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In the Jungles of Guatemala

Ladies lining up for food

Hearts for the Children ministry was recently blessed with two-short term missions teams: one from Marietta, GA, and the other from Dahlonega, GA.

Brother Scott Williford led the team from Marietta. This was Scott’s fifth or sixth year leading a team to our area. Twenty-two people spent the next six days doing a variety of ministry and outreach.

The highlight of this trip was a visit to the jungle, a 360-mile round trip from Guatemala City to a Mayan village called CHISEC. Most of the population there does not speak Spanish, but rather one of the other 23 languages spoken in Guatemala (Q’eqchi). We had to scurry to find interpreters, to go from Q’eqchi, to Spanish, to English, for our medical and ministry teams.

Our mission was to paint a local school that was in very bad shape, do a medical clinic that lasted till dark, and a Vacation Bible School. The team painted several rooms of the school, as well as the outside. The medical team saw about 300 people, and the VBS team presented the story of Jesus via coloring pages. It was a very successful ministry.

The team had about 300 lbs of beans, rice, sugar, etc. On the way back, Scott and I had the same vision as to what to do with the food. On the way into Egolical Park, a place we had visited further into the jungle, we passed a village of buildings made of bamboo. We just stopped the bus, got out, and started distributing. Before we knew it, the people came out of nowhere. Fortunately, we had enough for everybody. We were invited to the community center that was just a bunch of bamboo sticks held together by ties. One of the community leaders explained that they had no work and no crops; therefore, no food. We did pray together, and we were invited into a bamboo hut to pray for a woman with a bandaged broken ankle. Our bus driver, a Guatemalan, said this, “Where I come from, we are poor, but compared to this, we live in heaven.”

Hearts for the Children ministry has plans to revisit this population, and take them seeds of corn, beans, and vegetables.

Tom Allen
Hearts for the Children Ministry
Project Number 102-2047

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