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“In Din Over Iran, Rattling Sabers Echo”

I would like to comment on the New York Times analysis: “In Din Over Iran, Rattling Sabers Echo”, by the following: Syria, Iran, Iran, Syria, Libya, Egypt, Tunisia… The American, Occidental and Arab Wahhabi media have been exciting fanaticism, not only over the Moslem world but surely over the entire world.

Roger AKL

Do you think that Europe is not fanaticized against the Arabs and Islam? Isn’t it the same with America? Why? What are we looking for? More wars?
While we excite people against Iran and Syria, we speak about the Saudis and the Emirs of Qatar and other oil countries as ‘moderate’. We accept their money, even when it is for financing extremist Islam in our Occidental Mosques.
Lastly, one Moslem lady, reading my articles, said that, in Tunisia where she was born, she would listen to the Moslem Sheikhs who were speaking about peace and love like the priests, but arriving in France, she and her father stopped to go and pray in the Mosque, because the sheikhs there were completely different, they were exciting fanaticism. Why? Is it because they were financed by the fanatic Wahhabi Islam?
Beware! You cannot use religion for strategic and political advantages; look what happened when it was used in Afghanistan to defeat the Soviet Union. It was defeated, but then Al Qaeda turned on its masters, the US. The same happened when it was used with Qatari and Saudi’s money and Occidental planes to overthrow Kadhafi.
As for Syria and Iran, better stop this propaganda machine and start talking peace, you will be surprised to see that they are looking for the same. People relate to you as if they were looking in your eyes as in a mirror; if they see hatred they hate you, if they see love they love you.
Roger Akl

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PS: Roger AKL is a former Lebanese navy officer, former Assistant armed Forces Attaché at the Lebanese Embassy in Washington D.C., former Second in Command of the Lebanese Navy (1981- 1984) and former head of the Lebanese liaison bureau with the American forces in Lebanon (1983-1984), former chairman, CEO and director of the board of companies in the INTRA Investment group (1984-1990). Currently he is a writer in Middle Eastern affairs.

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