IGNISIAL offers solutions to keep the pleasure of a true fire

No more wood fires as from January 1st, 2015 in Paris !!! Do not break your beautiful fireplaces: IGNISIAL offers solutions to keep the pleasure of a true fire…

Within Paris, as from January 1st, 2015, the combustion of …. will be strictly prohibited whether in supplement or with authorization. This is stipulated in the article 31 of the inter-prefectorial order of March 15th, 2013, n° 2013-084 0002. To a great extent, within the framework of an action plan on the quality of air, in 435 towns of the outer suburbs considered to as sensitive, the use of the open homes will be forbidden and only heaters with successful wood answering a specific standard would be used. If Paris is the first French town to prohibit the fires of fireplaces, other big capitals already apply these regulations. We know that in France other big towns will forbid the fires of chimney in a near future.

The problem is the following:

The impossibility to use the wood excludesalmost any possibilities for the Parisian and some inhabitants of Ile-de-France to take advantage of the real flame in their apartments or houses.

IGNISIAL’S Solution:

Since 2009, within our family company of 80 people founded in 1947, we have developeddesigned space heaters with alcoholic plant without conduit. Over 50 models are available and bring adapted answers to all those for a reason or an other one do not have the possibility of considering the installation of a fireplace or a wood stove. Specifically for Paris we created systems of inserts which will allowthe Parisians to keep a real fire in their hearths.There are also wall models, to rest on the ground, and the products of outside.

As closely as possible to his prospective customers:

Implant a store on Paris (second forward one) togive Parisian the products of IGNISIAL mark in a specialized showroom. Products of integrations for homes existing for some or heaters of supplement decoration-design for others. The store IGNISIAL Paris, situated 97 Boulevard Lefebvre will be The First brand concept store, held by a manufacturer.

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