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Health Concerns For Pastor Farhad Sabokroh

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Concerns are growing over health condition of Pastor Farhad Sabokroh who was arrested together with Naser Zamen-Defzuli and Davoud (David) Alijani. They have now been in custody for over 40 days.

According to Iranian Christian news agency, Mohabat News, family, relatives and a wide range of Iranian Christians within and outside Iran expressed their concern over the health condition of Pastor Farhad Sabokroh. Pastor Sabokroh was arrested on 23 December 2011 with others in attendance at the Christmas service of the AOG church of Ahwaz where he was pastoring.

According to this report, sources affirmed that Pastor Sabokroh, Naser Zamen-Defzuli and Davoud (David) Alijani were transferred to Karoun prison of Ahwaz. They have now been held in prison for over 40 days. They were arrested by security authorities in Ahwaz (874 KMs south west of Tehran, the Capital), Khuzestan province.

Prior to his arrest, Pastor Sabokroh was under treatment for cataract disease and underwent surgery but now has no access to a doctor. Knowledgeable sources define his situation concerning because after the surgery he needed to visit his doctor on a regular basis for the required medications. Now, with this situation he is still not allowed to leave the prison after over 40 days to continue his treatment.

Christian Prisoners’ Rights Advocacy Club sent a report to Mohabat News expressing their deep concern and objection to illegal and inhuman acts by the Iranian Security system towards Iranian Christians, especially Pastor Sabokroh and the two other Christian prisoners who are being held with him. They called on the Intelligence and judicial systems of Iran to free them immediately and grant Christian prisoners their legal and human rights. This organization also considered continuation of Pastor Sabokroh’s medical treatment as his human right and adjudged the authorities as directly responsible for the health and welfare of Christian prisoners.

Pastor Sabokroh’s wife was allowed to visit him briefly on 27 January and expressed concern over his health conditions. It’s being said that he spends most of his time in prayer and fasting in his cell. His physical situation is extremely bad and he has lost weight. He also asked all Iranian Christians to pray for the release of Christian prisoners.

It should be remembered that Mrs. Shanaz Jeizan, the wife of Pastor Sabokroh was also among those arrested at Christmas in the AOG church of Ahwaz. After 10 days, she was temporarily released from the Intelligence office of Ahwaz after submitting a house title deed as bail.
According to this report, no news is available regarding the condition of the two other prisoners, Davoud Alijani and Naser Zamen-Dezfuli. They’re still being held in uncertainty and without being formally charged.

The reports also indicate that Noorollah Qabitizade, another Christian convert who was arrested on 24 December, 2010, is still being held in Karoun prison of Ahwaz. He was subjected to severe interrogations by Intelligence officers from the time of his arrest. It is being reported that security authorities and interrogators have put him under different mental pressures including forcing him to sign commitments stating that he won’t participate in any evangelical activities and to write repentance notes renouncing Christianity, in order to make him discontinue his faith in Christ.

Source: Mohabat New Agency. Used by permission.

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