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Hallelujah Ministries Pakistan Urges Believers To Help Them Construct Church

Evangelist Pastor Kashif Nadeem, co-founder with Nakash Sabir of Hallelujah Ministries Pakistan, has urged Christian brethren around the world to support their ministry financially so that they can build a church.

“We have purchased land for building a church but we do not have finances to construct it,” Pastor Nadeem told ANS by phone.

The pastor said that he founded Hallelujah Ministries Pakistan in Toba Tek Singh in November 2009. Toba Tek Singh is a district in the province Punjab of Pakistan.

“We have been going to minister the Word of God to the adjoining areas of Toba Tek Singh since 2009,” he said.

The minister said they were also teaching children at a Sunday school which is being run under the aegis of Hallelujah Ministries Pakistan.

Asked if he would like to expand the scope of his ministerial work in Pakistan Pastor Kashif said he would “love to open an orphanage” and “help the disadvantaged children.”

Alluding to lack of education and awareness among Pakistani Christians, Pastor Kashif said he would like to set up schools for Christians so that they could get education.

“We can only better our (Christians’) situation by educating our children in this Islamic country,” said Pastor Nadeem. “We are straining our every nerve to spread the Kingdom of God in Pakistan. We request you to pray for us and contact us as the Holy Spirit guides you.

“We are working with all the faith-based organizations. Our main emphasis is to help the poor and the needy people deserted by the society.”

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