Groundwire Creates Unique Model Utilizing MTV, Adult Swim and Comedy Central

In a unique model that interrupts the lives of teens where they live, Groundwire (www.groundwire.net) exists to broadcast hope to every student whether they are struggling and in crisis, or they are simply needing hope, encouragement, and affirmation.

Sean Dunn

According to a news release, through a series of direct and aggressive TV and radio commercials, “Groundwire leverages mainstream media outlets to reach youth where they invest their time.”

Groundwire and their team of international coaches are making an impact by being instantly available via text and instant message, whenever and wherever a young adult may need them.

Young adults turn to social media for help and advice. When those answers come back void, too often teens feel isolated and alone, without an outlet to share their struggles, and to give them solutions and hope for tomorrow. They turn to media streams, which are filled with messages of hopelessness, anger, violence and despair. Groundwire seeks to be a constant reminder that God is waiting to embrace them, heal their wounds and answer their pressing questions.

“In ministry, I was always asking kids to come to me,” explains Sean Dunn, founder of Groundwire. “I realized I was only reaching people that wanted to be reached. I also started to grasp that broken and hurting teens aren’t interested in a monologue. They want to dialogue, ask questions, share their stories, and be heard. By offering them safe conversations with our coaches 24 hours a day, we can create an honest individual dialog that helps young adults navigate the immediate challenges they face. Then, ultimately, we can share with them the hope that is only found in Jesus.”

By using forms of communication most used by teens (text messages and instant messages), Groundwire coaches are a safe outlet. Often, this initial conversation becomes a continuing relationship, where coaches become mentors who follow up and offer resources to help guide the youth in their budding Christian faith.

“Think about it. Often, in the middle of the night, the people up watching networks like MTV, Comedy Central, Adult Swim and Fuse are people who are struggling,” continues Dunn. “They can’t sleep, they are alone and they turn to entertainment to escape. By being available to this group at all hours of the day or night, Groundwire coaches are positioned to offer caring conversations and to share with them the hope found in Jesus.”

Groundwire was launched in 2003 as an outreach program of Champion Ministries on two secular stations in Denver, CO and Spokane, WA with radio spots that simply shared the hope, love and purpose of Christ. This model has evolved, with targeted ads currently heard on over 1,500 radio and TV stations (both Christian and secular), reaching a weekly audience of over 20 million. Hundreds of volunteers offer live coaching and encouragement 24 hours a day via www.groundwire.net, which averaged over 200,000 visits each month in 2012.

Champion Ministries d.b.a. Groundwire operates as a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.

For more information on Groundwire, go to www.Groundwire.net, or to schedule an interview with Sean Dunn, please contact Lori Heiselman, FrontGate Media, 714-553-5181, www.groundwire.net

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