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Greg Laurie on Front Page Radio with Dan Wooding this coming Sunday

Greg Laurie, the senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California, is Dan Wooding’s special guest at 5:00 PM (Pacific Time) on this Sunday’s Front Page Radio on KWVE 107.9 FM (August 1, 2010).

Greg Laurie with Dan Wooding after the Front Page Radio interview

In this fascinating interview, Laurie shares with international journalist Dan Wooding about his early life and talks about his alcoholic mother who was married seven times, and then how he found Christ at the age of 17 in the Big Tent during the great Hippie Revival at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California. He then gave up drugs and alcohol.

“Greg Laurie also talks about how, as a 19-year-old hippie, he would hang around the church office hoping for assignments and one day he was sent to Riverside, California, to lead a Bible study that was being run by various Calvary pastors in an Episcopal church there. This eventually resulted in the birth of his church, Harvest Christian Fellowship, which is now one of the largest churches in America,” said Wooding.

Harvest’s beginnings were humble. There was no great strategy behind the church plant. In fact, Greg had never pastored a church. Its congregation was a small group of believers looking for hope. But what the young Greg Laurie lacked in experience, he gained in knowing a few biblical principles.

A young Greg with his mother on Cover of ‘Lost Boy’

During the interview, Laurie also shared about his book “Lost Boy” in which he talks about his dysfunctional early life. It is also now also a DVD.

“In the interview, Greg went on to talk about the terrible day, two years ago, that his son Christopher was killed in an auto accident on the 91 freeway and how this event changed his life forever. He said that he is still dealing with the hurt, but added that he knows his son is now in heaven,” said Wooding, founder of the ASSIST News Service.

“Greg also revealed that, because of what happened to Christopher, on the final night of the 21st Harvest Crusade which is due to take place at Angel Stadium, Anaheim, from August 6–8, 2010, he will have as his special guests, Stephen Curtis Chapman, who also lost his adopted daughter in a tragic accident, and Dr. James Dobson. The event, he said, is aimed at helping people who are facing tragedy in their own lives and after he and Chapman have shared their stories, Laurie will interview Dr. Dobson about how people can deal with heartbreak.

“So tune into this extraordinary interview in which you will be inspired, challenged and blessed by Greg Laurie’s powerful testimony,” added Wooding.

If you don’t live in the Southern California area, you can hear it live on

Dan Wooding, Assist News Service

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