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Generation evangelist shares Gift of Life Gospel message

Russian Ministries Next Generation leaders will share the resurrection hope of Jesus Christ with around 50,000 at risk children, at risk teenagers and needy families this coming Easter thanks to their Gift of Life outreach.

Hundreds of these enthusiastic young Christian leaders across the former soviet union are busy preparing to coordinate a number of Gift of Life outreaches, which will result in the opportunity to personally share the true meaning of Easter.

Children receive their special Gifts of Life Bibles

“They’re giving a message that there’s eternal life in Christ the son of God, who gave His life,” said Russian Ministries president Sergey Rakhuba.

He added: “Through all these distributions, including 5,000 Gifts of Life packs for children, New Testaments and scriptures for young people and students, followed by Gospel presentations in orphanages, schools and universities we estimate about 50,000 children, youth and families will be impacted. They’ll be reached with the Gospel of Christ, with a message of the gift of life in Christ. That creates an opportunity as they open that gift to say that’s how you open new life if you accept Christ.”

Russian Ministries’ Gift of Life campaign will reach across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, many parts of Central Asia and will also impact young people in troubled Chechnya and Ingushetia.

Generation evangelist shares Gift of Life Gospel message

Rakhuba says: “This is where young suicide bombers and terrorists are coming from to bring bombs to Moscow like the airport which was recently bombed. But through this Gift of Life project, there will be many young Christian pioneers and young next generation peace-makers, who will bring these gifts to needy children and will share the stories with children in Chechnya and Ingushetia that Christ brings peace into their lives. They don’t have to grow up planning their revenge or a terror attack and that’s how we bring a difference into those turbulent, difficult areas.”

All of this is possible thanks to Russian Ministries’ non-formal School Without Walls training program, a school for young potential Christians leaders equipping them to mobilise the next generation of ministry leaders. Those who will bring transformation into churches and will connect churches with evangelistic opportunities in their communities. Because of this connection there are literally thousands of opportunities open to share Christ.

Irma is a School Without Walls graduate in North Ossetia, who directs the children’s ministry at a local evangelical church in the city. It was in her Sunday school room that Irma led Katya, a child refugee, to experience new life in Christ.

Katya and her older sister lived in a small village near Tbilisi, the capital of the republic of Georgia. Their father was no longer living, and their mother struggled with mental disabilities, and couldn’t properly care for them.

A few years ago, Katya and her sister joined the refugees who flooded into the Vladikavkaz area, after conflict broke out between Georgia and South Ossetia (in Russia).

But after being invited to Irma’s Sunday school class, Katya devoured My Monthly Bible Reader (published jointly by Biblica and the Association for Spiritual Renewal), and came to an understanding of faith in Christ.

Another example of a Next Generation leader having a divine appointment came about when Oleg was on a bus journey.
After finding a seat on the bus Oleg flipped open his Bible-a New Testament specifically designed for young people that Russian Ministries and its national affiliate, the Association for Spiritual Renewal printed a few years ago-and began to read it.
As he read, Oleg realized that the young man sitting next to him kept glancing at the Bible, even leaning over his shoulder to read it.
Finally, the young man blurted out, “Do you have anything else I could read?”
Oleg shook his head, but offered his New Testament instead. “I have other Bibles at home,” Oleg said.
The two exchanged names, and Daniel took Oleg’s Bible. He started reading the stories of faith of young Next Generation Christians in the introduction, stopping to ask Oleg questions about what he was reading.
Oleg answered Daniel’s questions and quietly shared the Gospel with him.
Oleg’s stop came all too quickly, and Daniel, caught up with the Book, got off with him.
The two young men exchanged phone numbers, and within a few hours, Daniel called Oleg, eager to talk more about the wonderful words of life he was discovering.
Russian Ministries is appealing for Christians around the globe to partner with them in prayer and financial support to carry on mobilising this young army of believers to keep making an impact for Christ.

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