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GDOP London partners with Korean revival prayer movement to launch historic prayer chain for Britain

Celebration for the Nations, which is a gathering of worshippers in Wales from the nations touched by the 1904 Welsh Revival, including intercessors from South Korea, is partnering with Global Day of Prayer London to launch 500 days of prayer for the nation.

At the Celebration for the Nations event August 1st, 7pm at Emmanuel Evangelical Church in Westminster, GDOP London will call on Christians from across the nation to join this 500 day prayer chain in the lead up to a national day of prayer at Wembley Stadium September 2011.

GDOP London Convener Jonathan Oloyede

“We are excited that the praying community of the South Koreans have created a platform for us to launch this 500 days of prayer,” said GDOP London Convener Jonathan Oloyede.

He added: “That connection of Africans and British and Caribbean and South Korean intercessors coming together is prophetically exciting and culturally very powerful. We can’t overemphasise the sense of unity with cultures from all around the world and the Commonwealth coming together for such a time as this.

“August 1st will see the beginning of a chain of non-stop 24 hour prayers of believers from every walk of life coming together in unity for the manifestation of the Kingdom of God in these Isles.”

500 Days of Prayer Poster

Already the response to get involved in this 500 day prayer chain has been overwhelming with denominations and organisations and individuals from the Evangelical Alliance, Youth For Christ, New Wine coming onboard. Also involved are Methodists, Baptists and Pentecostal churches along with South Korean, Filipino and Hispanic networks including the Redeemed church of God, KICC, New Covenant Network, as well as city prayer networks across the UK.

Oloyede says their target is to have 1000 churches, groups and networks linked in prayer across the whole of the British Isles. The general idea is not to start anything new in any region but to connect with what the Holy Spirit has already established. This is simply a joining of the dots of praying communities wherever they exist in the nation.

Oloyede says the vision is to continue building a tsunami of prayer towards next year’s National Day of Prayer at Wembley stadium: “All of these ongoing prayers will form the platform on which the event at the English national stadium will happen. We feel that Wembley will be a collection of praying communities from across the family of British nations and a passing of a spiritual baton to the younger generation. On that day people will come from everywhere bringing their excitement, enthusiasm and Hope for the nation as we raise the standard for this generation.”

GDOP London is also inviting all media to witness the launch of this 500 day prayer chain August 1st: “We are encouraging the media to come to witness this historic moment when we will launch a prayer chain that will engulf the whole of Britain praying together.”

GDOP London is encouraging Christians to get involved by:

– Registering their church or group for a day in the month or quarter when they will pray over a 24 hour period

– Setting their mobile phone to noon every day to pray the Lord’s prayer

– Circle the month of September 2011 in their diaries to come to the Wembley national day of prayer (the specific date will be officially released soon).

Become a Partner church or Gideon Partner by giving towards the Wembley event.

To register your involvement go to:

Peter Wooding, Assist News Service

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