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GDOP London Chair the Bishop of Barking calls for united prayer in uncertain times

GDOP London Convener Jonathan Oloyede and Rt Revd David Hawkins on stage at West Ham stadium 2007

Following the recent historic elections alongside the current social and economic crisis faction the capital, the Bishop of Barking is calling on Christians from all background and denomination to come together for a national day of prayer at West Ham Stadium June 13.

“This past election has demonstrated we are at a new crossroads as a nation with unprecedented political involvement and outcomes and social economic issues which are really overwhelming with the recession, the economic crisis, and high unemployment. All sorts of issues are suggesting that we as a nation need to come together in prayer, in common desire to create a governance and a social order and a society where people can flourish and be neighbourly and build really strong communities for the future,” said Rt Revd David Hawkins chair for Global Day of Prayer London.

He added: “We’re encouraging people to come together in large numbers to West Ham Stadium June 13 for Global Day of Prayer London’s National Day of Prayer to celebrate our intent to pray then and daily for the common good of our nation and that the Christian presence in our country will become more obvious and more transformational. So want people to come in large numbers of whatever styles and denominations they’re used to, in a common accord to worship, to pray and to go out from that stadium determined to make a difference for our Lord Jesus Christ in our communities.”

“In the Global Day of Prayer movement over these past few years we’ve recognised the world over the importance of the small, relational, living out of the Christian life and discipleship, but also the importance of large signature events, which really make waves in a nation or in a capital city. So the idea of bringing really large numbers of people together in the common activity of prayer and with an intent to go from that place in transformation and community engagement.

“It’s something we want to encourage more and more people to consider. Some people like small. Not everyone likes the big event and yet because the Gospel really is the biggest event, there cannot be anything more important than the building of the kingdom. It seems that we do need on certain occasions to come together in large numbers to celebrate that and to announce to our city that Christians are alive and well and that God rules in our capital city. We want to be a part of that growing vision the life of our politics, our economics, our social order and all our nation has meant to this country for so many years.”

Rev Hawkins says prayer is the bedrock of his faith: “The relationship is just like the relationship with my wife, or my children, or my friends. The more time you spend in conversation and in appreciation, the more the relationship develops. So prayer is very important to me. It is sometimes a struggle. It’s always a challenge and yet its an absolute foundation of my faith and a growing relationship with God in Jesus.”

As well as encouraging Christians to come to West Ham stadium Global Day of Prayer is challenging people to pray the Lord’s prayer as noon everyday throughout the year, as well as to put on 24 hour prayer events.

“The Lord’s prayer unites all Christians. It’s the prayer that Jesus taught His disciples and in that simple prayer encompasses all our aspirations for our relationship with God, our relationship with our neighbours and our communities. It’s a very unifying prayer and we’re encouraging that to happen on a daily basis in larger numbers in a way that will bring Christians in a greater sense together in the very heart of our Lord Jesus at His prayer for the church.

“24 hour prayer events among churches across London over the past few years have been making a real change and it’s remarkable the numbers of people who are prepared to commit to that extent and to do it among quite mixed groups of Christians. That’s another way that people can really apply the discipline of prayer in a sociable way with people to build relationships in prayer and activity to build the kingdom in their community.”

GDOP London has invited a wide array of worship leaders for the National Day of Prayer event at West Ham stadium June 13 including Graham Kendrick, Noel Robinson, Godfrey Birtil, the All Souls Orchestra, X Factor finalist Beverley Trotman and many others. For more details go to:

For further information and media enquires contact:
Dr Jonathan Oloyede: 08456 528 600 / 07956 237 266
Kim Dopson, GDOP Administrator: 08456 528 600 / 02088 539 529
The Global Day of Prayer London (GDOP) is a movement of collaboration across the Christian Church in the capital towards Unity, Prayer and Transformation, and is part of a global network which began in South Africa at the turn of the Millennium. In 2009 over 250 million Christians united in 220 countries to pray. In London, GDOP has been a focus of prayer and Christian action since 2006 with prayer networks now in every London borough. West Ham Stadium 07, and Millwall Football Stadium in 2008, saw a combined attendance of 30,000 Christians attending. Organisers hold a vision to host the 2011 event at Wembley Stadium.

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