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GDOP London Calls for Climate Change over British Isles

In the midst of such challenging times Global Day of Prayer London is calling on Christians across the British Isles to bring about a spiritual climate change by turning up the heat in prayer everywhere.

GDOP London Convener Jonathan Oloyede along with others pray for victims of Japan earthquake

“We come from different traditions, cultures, churches, places, generations and nations. Through the Cross however, we unite as one to bring about a change in the spiritual climate over our villages, towns and cities,” said GDOP London Convener Jonathan Oloyede during a significant Night of Prayer at the Emmanuel Christian Centre in Westminster, London on Tuesday March 15.

He added: “We have representatives here from several Christian organisations and networks including Street Pastors, delegates from Liverpool and people from across the country at a pivotal moment to work together in prayer and action for transformation of this nation. God is doing something in our nation. Despite the negative headlines, I assure you that there is a movement of God on the ground everywhere in the UK and it is rising!”

Throughout the Night of Prayer many gathered to fervently pray for the government, the victims of the Japan earthquake, unrest in the Middle East and the country’s youth.

At the same time around 1,000 young people carrying candles and glo-sticks gathered outside the Houses of Parliament for a flash mob prayer rally. And as Big Ben marked 8pm all those gathered knelt down and prayed for the government.

Christians gather outside Parliament
for prayer rally

Meanwhile Street Pastors and Prayer teams were praying before, during and after the night in Orpington, Exeter, Sunderland, Maidstone, Wolverhampton, Oxford, Stalybridge, Peterborough, Healthfield, Chipping Sudbury, Isle of Wight, Dunstable, Bangor, Rugby, Basingstoke, Haringey, Bishop Stortford, Southend, Worcester, Portsmouth, Eastbourne, Newquay, Epsom, Blackburn and Darwen. While teams joined from Cardiff, Surrey, Southwark, Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Essex and other places.

“I sense there’s going to come a point when all God’s people will have that same mind, crying out to Him for the same things and there will be this one great cry from our hearts ‘Lord let it be now’. When we pray like that we’re going to see a nation born in a day. The earth is going to change. There’s going to be a climate change!” said GDOP London co-chair Dr Hugh Osgood.

Young believers pray for UK Government outside Houses of Parliament

In response to this call, GDOP London is challenging all believers to join this growing movement of 500 Days of Prayer so that the momentum of prayer will build towards a Leaders Prayer Gathering at Wembley Stadium Saturday September 17 and the London 2012 Olympics.

The possibility of holding a stadium event for tens of thousands on the same day is growing as church leaders in Wembley and Brent as well as in major UK towns and cities have held strategic meetings with GDOP London to explore the logistics.

“Let us wait humbly before the Lord in prayer to see what He wants. We will give a definite call to the whole of the UK once we have the all-clear by Easter,” said Jonathan Oloyede.

In the meantime Christians are being urged to pray the Lord’s Prayer at 12noon daily, organise 24 hour prayers for their communities/nation as well as prepare for Pentecost Sunday in parks, high streets and various centres on 12 June 2011.

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