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GDOP London announces September 17 as Wembley Day

Peter Wooding is an award-winning TV, radio and print journalist and media consultant under the name of Peter Wooding Productions

GDOP London can confirm Saturday September 17, 2011 as Wembley Day, when 1,000 leaders from across the British Isles are expected to gather in England national stadium for a Strategic Prayer Summit.

GDOP London believes this will be part of the momentum for the whole church in the nation to start praying towards the London 2012 Olympics. GDOP London is in dialogue with More Than Gold and other Christian organisations to see how this Wembley event will help generate prayers and unity towards the London 2012 Olympics and national transformation.

“This is really an encouraging and exciting development,” said GDOP London Convener Jonathan Oloyede.

He added: “It’s very inspiring to note that the Wembley Directors and staff are looking forward to the church in the nation coming to Wembley. They have actually said to us “don’t just take the Grand Hall for the leaders’ summit. We can also offer you the whole stadium!” GDOP London and national network of churches are therefore asking market place and church leaders to place Saturday September 17 into their organisation’s diaries and church calendars.”

In the build up towards the Wembley prayer summit September 17 Christians are being encouraged to join the 500 Days of Prayer campaign, by coordinating regular 24 hour prayer days monthly or start regular nights of prayer.

Oloyede said: “Many church leaders are getting plugged in and excited about the 500 Days of Prayer, which was launched last year at the Emmanuel Christian Centre. A number of regular events have been planned which are acting as a runway track of Nights of Prayer in March, May, July and September leading up to the Wembley event on Saturday Septemeber 17 2011.

“To spread the fire of prayer into every town, city and village, we are calling on churches everywhere to join in and host community prayer events on Pentecost Sunday June 12.”

Many key Christian leaders are already getting exciting about the rising tide of unity across the nation and the significance of the Wembley Leaders Strategic Prayer Summit on September 17:

“I think it’s a very exciting development because once you’ve got hold of leaders you can affect the whole body of Christ,” said Greg Haslam, Senior Pastor of Westminster Chapel.

The Evangelical Alliance Chair and Ichthus Fellowship Founder, Roger Forster said: “I think it’s essential that the leaders stand together in unity otherwise the churches never will. Unity is essential as a prayer base.”

Ian Christiansen Senior Pastor of New Life Christian Centre in Wembley said: “It’s wonderful to see the potential for 1000 leaders coming together to pray and to look at strategies to influence the nation.”

Ade Omoba said: “Prayer is the key. It’s the most potent weapon we have and it’s a tremendous gathering point for the church of God especially for the UK. I’m really trusting God that the kingdom of God will unite the United Kingdom as we gather in Wembley this year.”

Oloyede concluded: “With this kind of build up and excitement coming from various streams, the nation is poised for a spiritual tipping point. We need to seize the moment through unity, prayer and prompt action.

“GDOP London is encouraging every church to come down for the Marsham Street meetings, as well as book Saturday September 17 into their diaries.”

For further information and media enquiries contact:

Peter Wooding: 01244 549167/07500 903067

Dr Jonathan Oloyede: 08456 528 600

Kim Dopson, GDOP Administrator: 08456 528 600

The Global Day of Prayer London (GDOP) is a movement of collaboration across the Christian Church in the nation towards Unity, Prayer and Transformation, and is part of a global network which began in South Africa at the turn of the Millennium. In 2009 over 250 million Christians united in 220 countries to pray. In London, GDOP has been a focus of prayer and Christian action since 2006 with prayer networks now in every London borough. West Ham Stadium 07, Millwall Football Stadium in 2008 and West Ham stadium in 2010 saw a combined attendance of 40,000 Christians praying together.

From August 1st, 2010 until December 31, 2011 GDOP London is coordinating 500 Days of Prayer calling for:

500 people who will stand in the gap, choose one day throughout 500 days to fast and pray

1000 Churches or Organisations who will take a day to pray each month through the 500 days

1 Million Christians who will set their mobile phone to 12noon and pray the Lord’s Prayer each day

Gatherings for Nights of Prayer at:

Emmanuel Centre
9-23 Marsham Street
Westminster, London SW1P 3DW
7-10pm Tuesday March 15,
Tuesday May 24, Wed. July 13, Wed. 7 September

Coordination of united community prayer events on Pentecost Sunday, June 12

Christian Leaders to Fast and Pray on designated days: January 30, April 30, July 30 and November 30.

If people are unable to pray and fast on these dates, they can instead set aside the 28th or 29th of those months.

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