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French film director Claude Chabrol dies at 80

Claude Chabrol, one of the founding fathers of the New Wave of French film, has died today at age 80. He had four children and was married three times to Agnès Goute from, Colette Dacheville and Aurore Pajot.

The world of French cinema is in mourning for Claude Chabrol who died today at 80. Sometimes characterized as a “mainstream” New Wave director, Claude Chabrol remained prolific and popular throughout his half-century career.

Chabrol was best known for his masterful suspense thrillers, subversive female roles and stinging critiques of the French bourgeoisie. In 1958, he made first work, Le Beau Serge, a Hitchcock-influenced drama starring Jean-Claude Brialy partly funded by his wife’s inheritance and among the first films of the French New Wave.

Claude Chabrol made more than 80 films, and his last work released last year was a murder mystery starring Gérard Depardieu.

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